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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Wow, what a couple of days in the trannies. Let's take a quick look, along with maybe some pithy comments...

Daniel Cabrera:  So much talent, so little control, so many opportunities. I actually spent $14 on him in Tout five years ago. For, uh, nothing. Still, someone will give him one more chance, and if he was left-handed, well, he would still make a major league roster.

Logan Kensing: Ok, no real redeeming social value, I agree, but I have a soft spot for Kensing because when I was learning to play my XBOX Baseball2K game, I played as the Boston Red Sox (best W/L) against the Florida Marlins (almost worst W/L) and Kensing was their worst pitcher. So, that is who I face. He might suck, but, when I was learning, he could still beat me.

Jason Botts: Shades of Drew Henson and Josh Booty.

Elijah Dukes: He will get another shot, and the attitude of Milton Bradley withouth the ability to deliver. So much talent, Dukes is a guy who scored high on my prospect list, hitting it when he was 19. Having talent and realizing talent are such completely different things.

Yusiemo Petit: Also always scored high on the prospect list, because he had great control. Unfortunately, Petit lacked velocity, and got creamed accordinly. Petit actually did realize his talent. It just was not great enough.

John Halama: See how long you can survive as a lefty?

Ron Villone: See Halama.

Kris Benson: Exactly why Danny Cabrera will get another chance. Because like Benson, he has some talent and scouts and owners in the real game cannot resist any more than we can. If you doubt me, how much are you willing to spend on Ben Sheets?


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