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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are four Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League and 15-team Mixed Draft League. The Mixed leagues use on-base-percentage instead of batting average. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this is a bid tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

*PLEASE NOTE - We have slightly altered the presentation in an effort to help you reconstruct the actual bidding a little better. The amount the owner paid is listed in a column followed by the non-adjusted Vickrey bid. The remaining bids for that player are then listed in order of amount. if the amount of an unawarded bid is greater than what was charged, the bid was a contingency bid by that owner and they were awarded a player of higher priority.

New to the report is "Todd's Take" where Lord Zola will share his unique perspective focusing on FAAB strategy, game theory and league dynamics.




JSchafer, Min 3 Jeff Erickson 11 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2 Larry Schechter 1
Steve Moyer 0
JAxford, Cle 1 Jason Collette 2
RRaburn, Cle 1 Larry Schechter 1 Steve Moyer 0
TMay, Min 1 Jeff Erickson 2
ANieto, CWS 0 Chris Liss 0
BMaurer, Sea 0 Chris Liss 0 Jeff Erickson 0
CBrown, Bos 0 Steve Moyer 0
DSantana, Hou 0 Steve Moyer 0


JorDanks, CWS Jeff Erickson 1 Steve Moyer 0
MSierra, CWS Jeff Erickson 1 Steve Moyer 0
DRobertson, Tex Steve Moyer 0

Rob Leibowitz' Commentary

Things got rather quiet after the trade all of the fallout of the trade deadline leaving rather little on the free agent market. The two best purchases of the week may have been by Jeff Erickson who snagged both Jordan Schafer and Trevor May of the Twins. The former top Braves’ prospect has pretty much proven he can’t hit MLB level pitching, but at least his wheels are for real. 19 steals in 112 plate appearances is useful.

Rookie Trevor May was the more intriguing of the two pickups and his rough MLB debut probably was the cause of his $1 purchase price. The 24-year old had an 8.5 K.9 and 3.5 BB/9 in Triple-A, but has a history of command issues and a fairly pronounced fly-ball tendency. There’s upside here given his stuff, but also not a huge margin for error either.

Todd's Take

The results in the National League remind us that there can still be players of consequence available after the MLB trade deadline - even without a waiver deal. I hope there are more players that can help (sure would assist when it comes to providing pithy commentary) as the amount of FAAB left among the AL combatants is pretty tight and it could make for some interesting bidding. For those keeping score at home, here's the standings with the remaining FAAB in AL Tout:

1 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton $24 104.5
2 Rob Leibowitz $18 87.5
3 Jeff Erickson $17 79
4 Lawr Michaels $33 74.5
5 Joe Sheehan $20 71.5
6 Larry Schechter $10 66
7 Ron Shandler $22 66
8 Steve Moyer $28 53
9 Jason Collette $26 52.5
10 Mike Podhorzer $16 45
11 Chris Liss $0 44
12 Andy Behrens $0 36.5

Colton and the Wolfman are in good shape with ample FAAB to continue to plug holes. Lawr has the hammer (which could be relevant as you'll see in a moment) and could at minimum make a run into the proverbial money.

Tout Wars has a rule designed to keep as many owners engaged and that's to penalize squads that finsh below 60 points by subtracting an equivalent amount of FAAB from their initial total nest season. For example, if the season emded today, Steve would begin next year with $93 FAAB. Good thing for Steve the season doesn't end today and he's sitting with the second most FAAB left to help propel his team above the threshold. Knowing Steve as I do, I bet he does it.




RLiriano, SD 27 Brian Walton 50 Seth Trachtman 26 Peter Kreutzer 13
Mike Gianella 12 Derek Carty 11
JLamb, Ari 19 Seth Trachtman 36 Peter Kreutzer 18 Brian Walton 12
Derek Carty 11 Tristan H. Cockcroft 10 Scott Wilderman 6
Mike Gianella 3
MFiers, Mil 15 Phil Hertz 48 Brian Walton 50 Peter Kreutzer 14
Mike Gianella 12 Steve Gardner 9 Seth Trachtman 8
Tristan H. Cockcroft 8
AlMarte, Ari 6 Seth Trachtman 7 Peter Kreutzer 5 Mike Gianella 3
BPenny, Mia 4 Scott Wilderman 8 Peter Kreutzer 3
ADuvall, SF 1 Brian Walton 10
KNieuwenhuis, NYM 1 Mike Gianella 3 Brian Walton 4 Steve Gardner 0
MThornton, Was 1 Brian Walton 2
VBlack, NYM 0 Gene McCaffrey 0 Brian Walton 1
BZiegler, Ari 0 Derek Carty 0
OPerez, Ari 0 Peter Kreutzer 0
JPerez, SF 0 Steve Gardner 0


BPaulsen, Col Brian Walton 4
SDyson, Mia Brian Walton 2
ARamos, Mia Brian Walton 1
ATorres, SD Brian Walton 1
JAffeldt, SF Gene McCaffrey 0
SLeCure, Cin Derek Carty 0
JNix, Pit Steve Gardner 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

While there were no interleague trades of substance this past week, FAAB money was still spent – on young players being promoted from the minors into the National League.

Top San Diego prospect Rymer Liriano has been red hot in the minors and received the call on Sunday. With a combination of power and speed, Liriano could contribute in multiple categories. As a result, I bid $50, and it required $27. I am very familiar with Liriano, having held him through his Tommy John 2013 season in the XFL keeper league.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have at-bats available at third base and prospect Jake Lamb is up to take them. Seth Trachtman had the most money in the league and still does, even after spending $19 on the 23-year-old.

From one player’s misfortune comes opportunity for another. So it goes with Matt Garza’s injury, re-opening the door for Mike Fiers to get a shot at the Milwaukee rotation. Fiers has pitched well in Triple-A, but had to wait behind a hotter prospect in Jimmy Nelson to return to the bigs. Unless another injury occurs, Fiers’ value seems tied to the length of Garza’s recovery. Phil Hertz spent $15 to roster Fiers.

Though he does not fit this week’s theme, I cannot let the latest rebirth of Brad Penny pass. Scott Wilderman is hoping there is more than one good start remaining in the arm of the 36-year-old, back in his original stomping grounds in Miami.

Todd's Take

I remember Liriano from the Arizona Fall League - he's an impressive phycial specimen as the above photo suggests.

Liriano, Lamb and Fiers all have the opportunity to be fantasy difference-makers down the stretch. Of course, all it takes is a full-time role. Liriano should get that opportunity while Fiers has at least a month, likely the rest of the season. Lamb's at bats aren't assured but since he's competing with Jordan Pacheco, if Lamb hits, he should get the lion's share of playing time.

Here's the NL standings and remaining FAAB:

1 Tristan H. Cockcroft $29 88.5
2 Seth Trachtman $44 85.5
3 Steve Gardner $13 80.5
4 Phil Hertz $35 67
5 Derek Carty $11 64.5
6 Peter Kreutzer $36 64
7 Mike Gianella $14 60
8 Lenny Melnick $28 59
9 Todd Zola $34 57
10 Gene McCaffrey $20 56.5
11 Brian Walton $36 51.5
12 Scott Wilderman $33 46

Seth already made a move for Lamb this week and still has the hammer so he could add another player of consequence. Steve needs to hope no one like that is available. Tristan will be able to fill in holes since he's behind not only Seth but four others.Personally, I'm not going to win but I'll fight for jumping into the top-half. Set goals, try to achieve them and use that experience in following seasons.




NEovaldi, Mia 13 Scott Swanay 20 Zach Steinhorn 12 Ray Guilfoyle 10
Ray Flowers 4
Tim Heaney 1
MFiers, Mil 11 Scott Pianowski 32 Derek Van Riper 10 Al Melchior 9
Ray Flowers 7 Fred Zinkie 4
WCastillo, ChC 2 Ray Flowers 3 Scott Pianowski 1
DMurphy, Cle 1 David Gonos 13
BOberholtzer, Hou 1 Ray Flowers 5 Derek Van Riper 5
CTaylor, Sea 1 Fred Zinkie 6 Ray Flowers 2
BBoxberger, TB 1 Scott Swanay 13 Tim Heaney 0
TWada, ChC 1 Paul Singman 4
TMilone, Min 1 Tim Heaney 1 Fred Zinkie 0
RLiriano, SD 1 Tim Heaney 3
BNorris, Bal 1 Derek Van Riper 10
EVolquez, Pit 1 Derek Van Riper 10


AMiller, Bal Scott Swanay 13
DODay, Bal Scott Swanay 13
JLyles, Col Derek Van Riper 10
TCahill, Ari Derek Van Riper 5 Tim Heaney 0
EStults, SD Ray Flowers 3
JCosart, Mia Derek Van Riper 5
JGuthrie, KC Ray Flowers 1
JHapp, Tor Tim Heaney 0
MMoustakas, KC Ray Flowers 3
MTaylor, Was Tim Heaney 1
RGrossman, Hou Tim Heaney 1
CCarrasco, Cle Tim Heaney 0
RGrossman, Hou Fred Zinkie 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

My decision to trade Nathan Eovaldi just prior to the All-Star break worked out rather well, as he went on to give up 18 runs over his first three second half starts, a stretch that earned him a trip to the waiver wire. But the erratic righty has put together two straight dominant outings since, so I figured that re-acquiring him could be a worthwhile move. I also figured that there was enough distrust of Eovaldi that my $12 bid could very well turn out to be the winning bid. Not quite, as Scott Swanay’s late-season FAAB spending spree continues. Yeah, I’m a little bummed out, but maybe cashing in my Eovaldi earnings while I had the chance will turn out to be the wiser choice in the long run.

Tim Heaney’s addition of Tommy Milone for a mere one dollar is a move that has profit written all over it. Milone is very quietly enjoying the best season of his career, yet he was by default bumped from Oakland’s starting staff following the club’s acquisitions of Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. Then came the Jon Lester trade, and barring multiple injuries, there was no chance that Milone would return to the rotation, so he was dealt to the Twins at the trade deadline. While in Oakland, Milone was a useful fantasy option for home starts, and with Target Field being another pitcher-friendly park, he belongs on the mixed league radar going forward.

Todd's Take

I'm a little surprised no one in Mixed Auction has discovered the treasure that is Brad Boxberger. The normal mode of thinking is middle relievers aren't useful in mixed leagues but we're at the point of the season when protecting ratios while adding on a few strikeouts and putting wins on the back-burner is viable. Other top candidates include Wade Davis, Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and Tyler Clippard.




RLiriano, SD 7 Tim McLeod 7 Nicholas Minnix 6
MFiers, Mil 6 Ray Murphy 6 Perry Van Hook 6 Eno Sarris 1
JArencibia, Tex 3 Scott Engel 3 Tim McLeod 3 Anthony Perri 1
Nicholas Minnix 0 Perry Van Hook 0
JFamilia, NYM 3 Tim McLeod 5 Nicholas Minnix 2
KHendricks, ChC 3 Tim McLeod 6 Perry Van Hook 2 Nicholas Minnix 0
KNegron, Cin 3 Perry Van Hook 6 Anthony Perri 2
GSizemore, Phi 1 Eno Sarris 1 Paul Sporer 3
TMay, Min 1 Eno Sarris 1
WVenable, SD 1 Paul Sporer 8 Nicholas Minnix 0 Perry Van Hook 0
JSchafer, Min 1 Ray Murphy 6
CLewis, Tex 1 Ray Murphy 6
CCarrasco, Cle 1 Nicholas Minnix 4 Tim McLeod 3
JHapp, Tor 1 Anthony Perri 1 Nicholas Minnix 0
CJoseph, Bal 1 Anthony Perri 3
JLamb, Ari 1 Scott Engel 3
AGarcia, ChW 1 Tim McLeod 3
CVazquez, Bos 1 Tim McLeod 1
JRutledge, Col 0 Nicholas Minnix 0
JLagares, NYM 0 Anthony Perri 0 Perry Van Hook 0
DYoung, Bal 0 Perry Van Hook 0
BOberholtzer, Hou 0 Perry Van Hook 0


NReimold, Tor Paul Sporer 6
CCrawford, LAD Ray Murphy 6
DValencia, Tor Perry Van Hook 3
WFlores, NYM Scott Engel 2
AAlburquerque, Det Tim McLeod 2
JJay, StL Tim McLeod 2
AAlmonte, SD Eno Sarris 1
THouse, Cle Eno Sarris 1 Scott Engel 1
ALoup, Tor Tim McLeod 1
BBoxberger, TB Perry Van Hook 0
CCowgill, LAA Perry Van Hook 0
CParmelee, Min Perry Van Hook 0
DLough, Bal Perry Van Hook 0
ECarrera, Det Perry Van Hook 0
EnChavez, Sea Perry Van Hook 0 Anthony Perri 0
JBroxton, Cin Perry Van Hook 0
CCapuano, NYY Nicholas Minnix 0
JCosart, Mia Nicholas Minnix 0 Perry Van Hook 0
JDyson, KC Nicholas Minnix 0
RSweeney, ChC Nicholas Minnix 0

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Well $6 was the most popular bid of the night – even if the results show more players went for a dollar. Having lost Anibal Sanchez I wanted the best starting pitcher I could get or at least one with a very good matchup without spending too much. My choice was Mike Fiers, back in the Milwaukee Brewers rotation where he has shone before so I ventured $6. That was the winning amount but I lost the standings tie-breaker to Ray Murphy and also got out bid for the Cubs Kyle Hendricks (by a $6 bid), so I will have to settle for Astros starter Brett Oberholtzer (home vs the Twins this Wednesday), the highest of my zero dollar bids.

I have a good middle infield but couldn’t leave the white hot Kristopher Negron currently manning 2B for Cincinnati and as luck would have it my $6 bid was Vickrey reduced to $3.

I also had a list of $0 outfielders to replace David Murphy and got my first choice of Delmon Young, back from obscurity once again.

Actually the highest winning bid was $7 as Tim McLeod was forced to use all of that to roster Rymer Liriano. That topped one of the eight – yes $6 bids, this one from Nick Minnix.

Todd's Take

Perry mentioned how popular $6 was for a bid and it may not be a coincidence. In an auction, there's a psychological barrier upping a bid that ends in nine. It's the same idea as charging $2.99 per pound (or per gallon) as opposed to $3.00 (or whatever).

Over the years, I've noticed a larger percentage of bids being a multiple of $5 ($5, $10, $15 etc.). As such, I favor ending in 2 or 7 -- to account for the person that's also aware of this and ends in 1 or 6. I also spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.


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