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Friday 15th Dec 2017

I think I have a sometimes fatal flaw in drafting: I never have enough power.

It isn't that I try to avoid drafting power, although truth is, I really hate to spend more than $30 on a player in an auction, and am more willing to gamble on Mark Trumbo as a fourth rounder than Chris Davis as a second rounder.

Which might well explain the problem, for I do have Trumbo as a $20 purchase in LABR where I also have Matt Kemp (also $20), although Lucas Duda happens to be my real power guy.

And that should tell you all you need to know.

It isn't that I don't know you need at least one banger on your team, for in AL Tout I have Alex Rios and Nick Swisher, who should have hit 40 homers between them by the end of the season, but have just one-fourth that total so far. However, had the duo accumulated just 12 more this season--more than half of what I projected, but less than the 40 I wanted--and if all those dingers were solo, it would be worth seven points and push my team from fourth place to second.

In LABR, Kemp and Trumbo have not helped much either, for I would have thought the pair was worth 50 dingers between them, while the pair has just 20. But, had the pair bagged an extra 15 would be worth four points alone in homers, which might not be enough to move me to the top half of the standings, but would be enough for some respectability.

What does make the NL numbers interesting, though, is that Shawn Childs and Greg Ambrosius of NFBC/STATS have 16 fewer at-bats than my team, they have 15 more homers, 25 more RBI, 16 more points in average and a whopping 108 more runs scored.

Meaning Shawn and Greg surely got a lot more bang for their hitting buck than I did.

But, I think this is nothing new.

In my best Tout Wars years (2000 and 2009), I had to trade from pitching depth to get the hitter who pushed me to the top in Paul O'Neill and Howie Kendrick respectively.

And, I am hoping my acquisition of Carlos Santana last week for my team will do the same kind of trick, but, well, sometimes there is only so much magic in the hat.

But, something in my nature tells me I can always trade pitching, and the reality is I seem to be a lot stronger at assembling pitching staffs than I am rosters of position players.

Which makes me wonder if the reason I gravitate towards pitching is simply because I know somewhere inside that I am better at it than I am grabbing hitters.

Which is something for me to consider over what could indeed be a long winter.

At least Swisher, Rios and Santana have a shot at making it shorter. Or, god forbid, longer.

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