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Monday 23rd Oct 2017


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




Jeff Samardzija, OAK $68 Yahoo! Sports 68 ESPN.com 61 Colton & The Wolfman 51
NFBC/Stats, Inc. 47 SiriusXM 39 RotoWire 24
KFFL.com 22 Mastersball 17 Baseball HQ 16
Winning Fantasy Baseball 5
Jason Hammel, OAK $57 ESPN.com 57 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 47 USA TODAY Sports 37
SiriusXM 32 RotoWire 24 Mastersball 17
KFFL.com 17 Colton & The Wolfman 16 Baseball HQ 14
Winning Fantasy Baseball 5
Brandon McCarthy, NYY $19 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 19 ESPN.com 35 SiriusXM 17
Colton & The Wolfman 16 KFFL.com 15 Baseball HQ 12
USA TODAY Sports 9 RotoWire 8 ESPN.com 5
Winning Fantasy Baseball 2
Kevin Correia, MIN $9 SiriusXM 9
Grant Balfour, TB $5 ESPN.com 5 SiriusXM 6 Colton & The Wolfman 2
Fangraphs 2 KFFL.com 1
Jose Molina, TB $2 KFFL.com 2 SiriusXM 1
Ryan Cook, OAK $2 KFFL.com 2 Fangraphs 1
Endy Chavez, SEA $2 SiriusXM 2 Mastersball 1 ESPN.com 1
Sam Fuld, MIN $2 Winning Fantasy Baseball 2 SiriusXM 2 Mastersball 1
ESPN.com 1 Fangraphs 1
Marwin Gonzalez, HOU $1 Fangraphs 1 Winning Fantasy Baseball 1 SiriusXM 1
Colton & The Wolfman 1
Tony Sipp, HOU $1 Fangraphs 1
Alex Presley, HOU $1 Mastersball 1 Winning Fantasy Baseball 2 SiriusXM 2
Fangraphs 1 ESPN.com 1
Enrique Hernandez, HOU $1 Winning Fantasy Baseball 1
Nate Freiman, OAK $1 Colton & The Wolfman 1 Winning Fantasy Baseball 1


T.J. House, CLE NFBC/Stats, Inc. 3
Zelous Wheeler, NYY SiriusXM 2 Winning Fantasy Baseball 1 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Munenori Kawasaki, TOR SiriusXM 2 Winning Fantasy Baseball 1
Willie Bloomquist, SEA SiriusXM 1 Fangraphs 1
Carlos Corporan, HOU SiriusXM 1
Christian Colon, KC SiriusXM 1
Daniel Robertson, TEX ESPN.com 1
David Lough, BAL ESPN.com 1
Eric Surkamp, CWS NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Francisco Cervelli, NYY SiriusXM 1
Joel Peralta, TB KFFL.com 1
Nate Freiman, OAK Winning Fantasy Baseball 1

Perry Van Hook's Commentary.

The first two crossover players to the AL were huge pluses for those with enough FAAB dollars left to win them. Yahoo’s Brandon Funston beat ten other league mates with his $68 bid. Meanwhile ESPN’s Tristan Cockroft won Jason Hammel with a $57 bid. Both players hope their new Oakland pitchers can help them move up in the standings.

I didn’t have enough funds to compete for the pitchers so just tried to grab the best one dollar outfielder I could and landed Astros Alex Presley.

Todd's Take.

With the caveat I may have made a mistake reverse engineering the totals before the bidding, Yahoo! had the hammer and bid what it took to make sure the won the tie over ESPN, who had the third most FAAB. Maybe Yahoo decided there wasn't enough of a difference between Samardzija and Hammel so it wasn't worth spending the maximum necessary to make sure they got Samardzija. As it turns out, Colton and the Wolfman with the second-most FAAB laid back a bit, perhaps waiting for a hitter to come over as they now have the hammer. ESPN was the big winner as they needed a pitcher and now have one -- and for a couple extra starts than if the deal was at the deadline.




Vidal Nuno, ARI $2 Sandlot Shrink 2 Fantasy Insiders 1
Jeff Baker, MIA $1 Baseball HQ 1 Inside Edge 1
Bobby Abreu, NYM $1 Inside Edge 1 Baseball HQ 1
Pat Neshek, STL $1 Fantasy Insiders 1


Charlie Culberson, COL Inside Edge 1
Cody Ross, ARI Inside Edge 1
Mike Olt, CHC Inside Edge 1
Cody Ross, ARI Baseball HQ 1

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

The AL gets Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel while Vidal Nuno, now of the Diamondbacks is the lone AL transplant (at least until Dan Straily is promoted as minor leaguers are ineligible). Nuno actually was won on a $2 bid, that by Bob Radomski of the Sandlot Shrink, but again, the only other shot at Nuno was also $2.

The truth as I see it is that Nuno, however, is a better 2014 crapshoot than Straily will be, especially for what he'll no doubt cost.

Irrespective, they are both crapshoots.

The remaining three players involved with this weeks FAAB were Pat Neshek (Derek Carty of the Fantasy Insiders), Jeff Baker (to Doug Dennis of BBHQ) and Bobby Abreu (to Steve Moyer), all for $1 bids.

Even though my own FAAB resources are largely blown, I am still hoping someone as enticing as Samardzija does move to the NL just to kick the FAAB dust around a little.

Todd's Take

It's an interesting contrast between LABR and Tout. Straily was eligible in Tout since minor league players are eligible whereas they're ineligible in LABR. On the other hand, McCarthy and Nuno were eligible in LABR but not Tout as they leagues have different rules pertaining to deals announced on Sunday. The bottom line is there's no right or wrong (maybe better or worse, but I digress). The key is the rule should be crystal clear to minimize confusion. This is a topic the site will be addressing a bit more in the future.




Brad Boxberger, TB $12 Towers of Power Baseball Hour 12 Baseball HQ 2 KFFL.com 1
USA TODAY Sports 1
Travis d'Arnaud, NYM $3 Rotowire-Colton 3 Fangraphs 2 FNTSY 2
RotoExperts 1
Justin Ruggiano, CHC $3 KFFL.com 3 MLB.com 1
Brian Roberts, NYY $1 Fangraphs 1
Robinson Chirinos, TEX $1 RotoExperts 1 Rotowire-Colton 1
Eric Campbell, NYM $1 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Ronald Belisario, CWS $1 USA TODAY Sports 1
Ender Inciarte, ARI $1 USA TODAY Sports 1 KFFL.com 1
David Peralta, ARI $1 MLB.com 1 KFFL.com 1
Odrisamer Despaigne, SD $1 Rotowire-Erickson 1


Domingo Santana, HOU Fangraphs 2
Chris Parmelee, MIN KFFL.com 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Chris Colabello, MIN KFFL.com 1
Chris Iannetta, LAA Rotowire-Colton 1
Eduardo Nunez, MIN KFFL.com 1
Jonathan Schoop, BAL Fangraphs 1
Kevin Kiermaier, TB KFFL.com 1
Ryan Cook, OAK USA TODAY Sports 1
Tom Wilhelmsen, SEA USA TODAY Sports 1
Tommy Medica, SD KFFL.com 1
Zack Cozart, CIN Fangraphs 1

Todd Zola's Commentary

You know what? I got nothin'. I'm drawing a blank. So let's fall back on a little player analysis. I'm a little surprised Boxberger was still available (yeah, I'm in this league too but his ratio support is lost on me). That said, I still think Balfour will get the closer gig back bit if I'm in a keeper league, I'm all over Boxberger.

Dang it, Fred Zinkie struck again. David Peralta is playing well (and playing regularly) - hitting high up in a lineup that plays half the time in the hitter-friendly Chase Field. 

Todd's Take.

OK, so if I had nothing before I REALLY have nothing now. Well, maybe a little something. It's always dangerous to assume what happens one season will also happen the next but punting the catcher position and trolling the free agent pool appears to be a good ploy this season. I made a point of getting a couple of decent receivers in the draft. Next year maybe I'll wait and look to free agency to keep the position fresh.


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