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Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

I think the answer to the query posted in the title is "no."

However, the world marches on whether I like it or not, and come Tuesday, Todd and I will again represent Mastersball at the Fantasy Sports Trade Assocation (FSTA) Experts League, with an asterisk.

The asterisk is that the FSTA has two football leagues, A and B, and since Todd and I joined the football party late, we are in the B league, not that I want to paint the newcomer setup as inferior; but, the catch is the winning B team each year moves up to A, while the last place A squad drops to B.

Last year, despite a slow start, Z and I made it to the championship game, losing in the end to Anthony Perri of Fantistics in what was really a pretty good trouncing.

So, back we go this year, with the draft in my back yard, San Francisco.

While it does make a fun twist to draft a chunk of time before--and between the FSTA and XFL, it is also problematic for a few reasons.

The first is that even thoough we can speculate to a degree, camps have not even opened, so roles are, to say the least, uncertain.

The second is the subset of the above: Injuries.

Z and I have already swapped e-mails and chatted about what to do, and we do share a difference of opinion as to who our first pick might be.

Mind you, as of now we don't know what our draft spot is, so that adds to the speculation, but, I think drafting a quarterback first is not a bad row to hoe.

Now, I know Z feels differently, but in looking at last year's top point producers, eight of the top ten (Jamaal Charles and Matt Forte being the exceptions) were signal callers. And, I think points are points.

However, 15 of the top 24 point producers were also quarterbacks, meaning in a 12-team format, there are enough top guys for each team to safely grab one, meaning as long as we don't wait too long--and remember, a strong back-up is a good thing for bye weeks if nothing else--a strong player should fall our way.

For example, last year, under the same aegis, we drafted Matt Ryan in the sixth round and you might think that things worked out well selecting our passer that far into the draft.

However, our first two selections were Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew, and well, how well did that work out for us?

What did work was selecting Jordy Nelson, Vernon Davis and the Seahawks defense, picks that I favored (note we were both down with Jones-Drew, Rice, not to mention Stevan Ridley, along with taking Ryan when we did).

But, it was Todd's shrewd waiver moves--particularly grabbing Charles Clay, Rashad Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson -- that fleshed out our team and pushed us to the brink.

However, that brink is where we finished, with another chance this year.

Somehow, even in writing this, I am thinking Todd is right: that we can wait a couple of rounds before grabbing a QB. Although I really think taking a Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson--a player who can throw and be just as dangerous running--is a solid idea.

I'm inclined to look for Calvin Johnson as a first pick and maybe even looking for Demaryius Thomas or Jimmy Graham second (though I do still love the Niners' Davis).

And, I think being aggressive with selecting a solid defense is a smart move, because, as I noted about QB, points are points.

As to what we will actually do, however, I haven't a clue.

However, if you tune in next week, we will all surely find out.



0 #1 Perry Van Hook 2014-06-14 22:51
NEVER draft a quarterback in the first round (one possible exception being a 2QB league)The position may score the most but they all outscore most other players so the difference per week is very small compared to getting your RB1 or STUD WR in the first round.

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