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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Monday, April 21 – 9:58 PM

Thanks to a combination of foresight and luck, I’ve found a third closer for my Mixed Tout Wars squad. You’ve probably heard of him. His name is Kyle Farnsworth. He’s been in the big leagues since 1999 and, aside from an exceptional year as the Rays’ ninth inning man in 2011, he has never saved more than 16 games in a season. Figuring that Jose Valverde was bound to blow up sooner rather than later, I decided to take a flier on Farnsworth last week. I was the only bidder, so the price tag turned out to be a mere one FAAB dollar. If I would’ve waited until this week, we’re talking 15 bucks, at the very least. The only problem is that I have very little confidence in the newly anointed Mets stopper. If he wasn’t even good enough to open the season in the Majors, how good can he be? At 38 years of age, how much does he have left in the tank? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, but the early results are positive, as Farnsworth converted his first save tonight. The save did not come without some drama, however, as he allowed a leadoff single to Yadier Molina before Jhonny Peralta grounded into a double play and Jon Jay grounded out. Yeah, a save is a save, but for mental health reasons, I’m not looking forward to being a regular spectator to the Kyle Farnsworth as Mets closer era. Too painful.

Monday, April 21 – 10:45 PM

As much as I enjoyed watching Chris Sale’s dominant performance against the Red Sox last week, I didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that it took him 127 pitches to get through seven innings. And I’m really not enjoying the fact that my Tout Wars ace is now headed to the DL with a flexor muscle strain. Oh, and it happens to be his first ever trip to the DL. This is precisely why I hate to invest heavily in starting pitching on draft day. Whenever I do, I’m punished by these major injuries. Well, let’s not exaggerate here. This doesn’t sound like a major injury, and I didn’t exactly invest heavily in starting pitching, with Sale being my only 20-plus dollar hurler. It’s still annoying though, and maybe all the talk that from a long-term perspective, Sale’s unconventional mechanics put him at greater risk of injury will prove to be true. That’s long-term though. All I need is for him to return from the DL as soon as he’s eligible and remain off the DL for the rest of 2014. Long-term? Forget long-term.

Wednesday, April 23 – 12:40 AM

It’s getting late, so I’ll make this entry brief, but don’t you hate it when this happens? Don’t you hate it when a hitter who you have stuck with for three weeks all of a sudden decides to wake up right after you decide to bench him? Tonight, Matt Dominguez launched his second home run in as many games, this after recording no homers and three RBI over his previous 12 games. I should probably get him back into my lineup next week, but who do I bench? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Thursday, April 24 – 11:15 PM

Look, it’s flat out wrong to root for a certain player to get injured. It’s probably bad karma. But when news broke on the afternoon of April 10 that Avisail Garcia would need season-ending shoulder surgery, I couldn’t help but think about Dayan Viciedo’s impending everyday at-bats. And I was stoked. Now, one of my Tout Wars bench players would become a starting lineup fixture. And I had come close to cutting ties with Viciedo on several occasions due to his lack of playing time. So far, the White Sox outfielder is taking full advantage of his opportunity, and after going 3-for-4 tonight, he’s now 14-for-24 (.583 AVG) with four doubles and five RBI over his last six games. Resisting the urge to dump Viciedo could turn out to be the best non-move I’ve ever made.

Saturday, April 26 – 10:02 AM

We’re not even one month into the season and I’ve already visited Tout Wars’ “Mid-Week Replacements” page way too many times. But hey, it’s better than being stuck with an injured player in your active lineup for upwards of a week. Yesterday afternoon, Chase Headley was officially added to the disturbingly long list of players on my opening day roster who have already spent time on the DL this season. But since I’m generally an optimist, I’ll focus on the bright side.

At least I can now get Matt Dominguez back into my lineup. And I won’t have to wait until Monday. And I won’t have to bench a healthy player.

Don’t you love it when these types of decisions are made for you?

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