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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Do you want to join another fantasy baseball league but are short on time? Are there a couple of players you really like but just aren't going to have the chance to own this season? Do you dig the long ball?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then check this out.

There's a new game in town run by our friends at Rotoderby. It's a take-off on a salary cap game but instead of choosing players whose collective salaries are beneath a set amount, the total of the 2013 homers needs to be below the threshold. Your team then totals fantasy points with the team scoring  the most points winning!

But here's the catch. The scoring resets every month! You don't redraft your team, you stay with the same ten guys. It's just that the slate is wiped clean each month and everyone is back to square one. So not only are you looking for players to out-produce last season's numbers but health and durability are also a major concern.

Hooked yet? Did I mention that the champion wins money, perhaps a lot of it?

The staff at Mastersball is joining our colleagues at Fantasy Alarm in a private Rotoderby league. Over the next several days, those of us participating will write a blog discussing our strategy. A few of us are so enthralled that we're also playing for real. So if you've always wanted to be in a league with one of us, now's your chance. Just click on the logo below and sign up!


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