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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

Released, retired, and re-signed always kind of makes me think of that great '40s tune, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered."

And, this week, well, four guys I have written about already this year in this space found themselves within the confines of the "Released and Retired" portion.

Everyday Eddie Guardado and Shawn Estes were released, ostensibly all revved up with nowhere left to go. Since both are lefties, you never know. Since neither has any gas or control, we can kind of predict.

The Nomar Garciaparra decided to call it quits. A shame, as he had such a career ahead of him, debuting pretty much alongside Derek Jeter. And, at the time, common sense dictated Nomar was the one who would have the more storied career. So much for that, for as Nomar struggled to supply bench strength in Oakland last year, DJ had arguably his best season.

But, Brian Giles decided his knees could simply not take the pounding any longer.

I have a soft spot for Giles. By the time Giles was in the Show, I was already writing for John Benson, and had even started my CREATiVESPORTS site. But I was also still seeking to really build a reputation.

And Giles was a guy I swore, after his 1998 (.269-16-66 over 430 at-bats) was due for a break out, and thus made my sleeper list as he was traded to Pittsburgh.


Because though Giles earned just about the same primary stats in '98 as '97 (.268-17-61 over 451 at-bats) but, I noticed his OBP jumped from .368 to .396, and that told me Giles had command of the strike zone.

All he did was give a .315-39-115 season in 1999, earning me a lot of props from a lot of readers who took my belief to heart and grabbed Giles (I got him in every league in which I played, and won titles in most of them).

Thanks Brian. I will always appreciate that I got it, and you delivered.

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