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Monday 16th Oct 2017

Billy Hamilton was on display, as was Carlos Santana, playing a very shallow third for two innings when no balls came his way.

Johnny Cueto did a couple of innings, acing one, and getting aced the other, while Justin Masterson started and pitched well, followed by Corey Kluber, who had trouble getting outs.

In the end, Cleveland triumphed 12-3, punctuated by a Jake Lowry slam and a pair of two-run blasts by Tyler Naquin and Elliot Johnson (yes, that Elliot Johnson).

Hamilton never really got to show his wheels in a traditional sense, but his speed was a factor for after lining a single in the first, Indians shortstop Mike Aviles tried to throw behind the speedster and threw the ball away, allowing the centerfielder to advance all the way to third. Where he was stranded.

Zack Cozart picked up a couple of hits for the Reds, including a gap double in the second that scored a couple of runs, but found the shortstop out at third trying to extend his hit without the benefit of afterburners (the putout was made by Santana).

One other note: Indians top prospect Francisco Lindor played the final seven innings, got a hit, and stole a base.

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