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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

Prospect alert: Brandon Wood, once a darling of Ultra Leaguers, has signed a minor league deal with the Padres.

Remember how we salivated following his .323-43-115 2005, at age 20, part of which was culled at Double-A? Three years later, Wood went .296-31-84 at Triple-A, but he is one of those guys who simply cannot cut it at a higher level.

As in now, at 29 (on Opening Day), and with his sixth team (Angels, Pirates, Rockies, Royals and Orioles prior) he has a .186-18-84 line over 751 plate appearances, with a .225 OBP and .513 OPS. 

Some prospects do what we expect or hope (Wil Myers, Bryce Harper), some exceed (Mike Piazza) and some disappoint, like Wood. In fact, most disappoint, so beware of the prospect blinders.


0 #3 Lawr Michaels 2014-01-13 20:21

Good questions.

In general, I always look at two-for-one when trading stars for prospects. Eg, Oscar Taveras and Miguel Sano for Albert Pujols, or some such configuration.

And, I am not that sold on Hamilton. As I noted in the USA Fantasy Mag due out shortly, Ben Revere is a better gamble on all fronts (Avg, OPS, OBP) save total steals which if Hamilton plays daily he should help lock.

But, yes, his value is minor league performance plus the very good September he had both of which could prove to fall short of reality.
0 #2 John Verdello 2014-01-13 13:08
Which brings up a very interesting point (since the author dared to type the "U" word). What is the author's opinion on the trading of such assets as a rule of thumb (agreeing in advance that there is no universal litmus test)? Primarily, what sort of return is expected when dangling such names.

For example, let's say we have a round heeled owner who just so happens to possess the flavor of 2014 in a "U" style league - Billy Hamilton. Does one announce he's available to the league and sit back to cull offers? Does one target one or two owners with specific returns in mind? Since he's round heeled, does he realize this is the last time (barring injury) that the view of Hamilton is unfettered by actual production; that his value is mostly based on spec at this time, and therefore tempers his expectation of return based on realism??

0 #1 Todd Zola 2014-01-08 18:19
And we get to once again close the Black Swan caucus for the spring First Pitch sessions with the prodigal sun!

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