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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

Way back on June 22, I documented the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) fantasy football squad that my mate Lord Z and I selected, our "B League", squad as part of the Association's Summer Convention.

As the Fantasy Industry--and FSTA--have grown over the past decade, the FSTA had to expand from one football league (the A contest) to two, adding the B League this past summer.

One of the catches was that the winner of the B League would advance to the A competition, with the last place A team being demoted to the B competition.

Thanks to a handful of solid draft picks I documented last week, and some really great waiver pick-ups Todd identified, we managed to overcome our first picks of Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew, and walk away from the league with the best record (10-3) and a shot at the title and entrace to the A list.

As I tracked the scores and progress of our team last week, Diane noted that she had never seen me so engrossed with the scoreboard, or more desirous of winning a league before (for she noticed me hitting my refresh button, and muttering "damn" in disappointment, or "yeah" in approval as the day unfolded.

The truth is I really wanted a victory for us in the league in the worst ways, first, because though Mastersball might be better known for our baseball work, we are all quite good fantasy football players. We just never played that much publicly; however, that was an image Z and I sought to change this year.

Furthermore, Todd and I did win the FSTA Fantasy Baseball League, so I really wanted to win both FSTA contests in which we participated in the same year.

In the end, we managed a 135-123 victory over the Sports Direct site, while the Fantistics team moved onto the championships with a 133-130 victory over Draft Analyzer.

I will say that I was nervous about facing the Fantistics team, for much like our team, they rebuilt on the fly and on the road to a successful season.

For they had Alshon Jeffery, Julius Thomas, DeMarco Murray, and the solid Carolina defense in their huddle.

As Diane went off to Chicago to spend the holiday with her mom, I represented us at a couple of seasonal parties on Saturday, and at the first, my friend Mike Schlesinger and I discussed the possibilties of our teams at the early soiree, while my Kathy League Gifford mate Jeremy Steinkoler and I yakked for over an hour at the later gathering about the possibilities of the coming morning.

For Jeremy had made the championships in two of his leagues and while we discussed watching the Sunday games together, we agreed regular texting fit our styles and the day better.

As it turned out, that was probably not a bad idea, for as of the last text, Jeremy's day did not look any better than the 81 points our nine starters who played on Sunday could assemble.

And, while as I write, the Fantistics team only has 86 points, and while we still have Vernon Davis going tomorrow, so does the Fantistics team have Colin Kaepernick up (along with Tony Gonzalez) meaning it will be wait till next year for us.

I have to tip my hat to Fantistics, who scored the clutch points when they had to (they also led the league in total points scored, so I guess we should not feel quite so bad) and only hope we can follow in their footsteps in 2014.

Though it was a tough loss, however, it has been a great year.

I hope it has for you, too.

Additionally, I hope the coming holiday weeks is full of warmth, safety, and family for all of you (for we certainly consider you as such)!




0 #1 Todd Zola 2013-12-23 19:37
OK, here's what we need. Tony G has to get shut out.

I don't want to wish injury upon anyone so we need a couple of SF D/ST TD's then twice when Frank Gore is about to score, we need him to fumble and have Vernon Davis recover it in the end zone. Then, we just need maybe 2 grabs for 20 yards out of Vernon, with no other completions to anyone else and have Harbaugh sit Kaepernick with a 28-0 lead.

Or -- we can have Vernon catch a couple fake punts and FG's for TD's.

Screw it, we need Kaepernick to not really get injured but just hurt enough so he is removed from the game.

Hmm, is there still enough time to kidnap him a la Ace Ventura?

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