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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Thanksgiving just passed us by.

That means eating too much, for sure, but it also means even more Thursday football than the NFL Network game, which was not even involved this Turkey Day, 

However, instead of one of the requisite Thursday Night games, we got three over the course of the holiday proper.

Now, I am not complaining: I love watching football, especially on holidays.

The problem is come Sunday, even with the ten day games that were scheduled, it did not feel like enough. Like we had been short-changed, despite the Sunday Night fete, and exciting MNF match-up between the Saints and the Seahawks.

Truth is, I am still trying to get used to Thursday Night Football in the first place. But, is three games equivalent to taking that third plate of turkey and stuffing when two were really enough?

Are less games on Sunday tantamount to taking too much on Thursday, and then suddenly running out of sandwich meat by Sunday?

I am not sure I know. I realize change is inevitable. Even essential. 

But, I don't think I want that much football during the week. 

Games on Sunday in the fall are part of what makes it special for me.

*     *     *    *

On another topic, have you ever had one of those runs where it seemed no player you picked to start for your team was the right guy?

Last week, I even lamented in my "Those Bad Harbingers" how I failed to pull Darren Sproles for the Thursday game, and wound up with a hole that seemed to point to failure for the week.

As in I wound up benching the likes of Anquan Boldin, Danny Woodhead and Jacoby Jones.

Though I am still not sold on Jones, it made me pull the switch this week, as I sat Mike Tolbert for Woodhead, and put in Boldin for the seemingly erratic Eric Decker.

And, I did play Tight End Jordan Reed, whom it was reported would be starting, and wound up with a donut's worth of points just like Sproles last week.

Maybe as in the pros, scuffling and hitting and missing is the thing to do before the playoffs, for three of my squads are bound for the postseason as I write.

When I started playing fantasy games 20 or so years ago, I made an agreement with myself: "I cannot second guess myself with respect to life any longer," I told myself, "but I can second guess my fantasy moves till the cows come home."

I am beginning to regret this decision.


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