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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Sometimes, I can just feel my teams are going to have a good day, or even week.

However, and I am guessing I am not unique, sometimes, I can just tell the numbers are not going to fall my way.

This past cycle has been one of the latter, as I was giving some hard thought as to who to play as early as last Tuesday.

The real source is that my teams are in contention--with 7-4 marks--in a couple of leagues.

However, in one I just lost Arian Foster, and in the same league Marshawn Lynch had his bye.

Now, I do have Danny Woodhead on the bench in that league, as well as Darren Sproles, but they simply compounded the problem this week.

That is because going into the Thursday night game, Sproles was a game-time decision to play. 

I did look at my roster around lunch time Thursday, and though I figured I should sit the New Orleans RB, I put it off, thinking I could double check just before kickoff.

Unfortunately, I got distracted, and then fell asleep, and by the time I realized Sproles was still active, kickoff was past, and I missed the substitution.

And that was it: playing with a hole in one team, just made me think that Sunday was going to be a bummer, team-wise.

Of course, to compensate, I overthought everything else, and sat Woodhead.

I realize--especially in the glorious hindsight of a two-TD game--that was a mistake, as the diminutive Charger has been one of my best and most consistent players this year.

But, I feared what he could do against a tough K.C. defense, in Arrowhead, so I went the Mike Tolbert route instead. (BTW, once again, all the projections were that Woodhead would have a down game, and Tolbert a better week, which again reminds us to simply go with our best players and instincts).

Had I played Woodhead, both the 7-4 teams would have been on the verge of being 8-4, but as it is, they are more going towards 7-5.

Which is indeed a downer.

Still, sitting on the couch with the dogs, eating, and watching football all Sunday, is not exactly torture. 

Especially on a day with games like Panthers/Dolphins, Chargers/Chiefs, Giants/Cowboys, Vikings/Packers, and the awesome Sunday night Patriots/Broncos matchup.

What more could we want leading into turkey? Save maybe playing the right players?


0 #2 Lawr Michaels 2013-11-28 14:46
true, your team is a monster (blau boat is pretty deadly, too), but sigh, had i stuck Boldin and Woodhead in, the game would have been mine.

i realize that is total shoulda, woulda, coulda, and that you won, but, the points were there.

i think my main laments are two-fold: first, trust my instincts (i really like Boldin and Woodhead as players, so just go with them). second, just getting aced on Sproles just punched a hole in the sails of going with my gut.

happy gobble gobble to all the Leibowitz clan, man.
0 #1 Rob Leibowitz 2013-11-25 17:46
Sorry Lawr. My team is on a roll. Woodhead would've made it closer if you had played him instead of Tolbert, but it would have been an 18 point loss rather than 30 pt loss.

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