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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Gary Kubiak has total confidence in Case Keenum. Jim Schwartz didn’t bench Reggie Bush for fumbling. Dennis Allen has no idea how Darren McFadden’s rehab is progressing. Bruce Arians wants to give Andre Ellington more touches. We read George Bush’s lips, ‘No new taxes,’ and Barack Obama promised that we could keep our current health plan. From coaches to politicians, does anyone really believe anything they say? If only there was some way to filter out all coach quotes from all media sources. Seriously. Just give me the practice reports, injury updates, stats and starting lineups. Everything else is chaff.

Well, the final chapter of the FFFC is in the books. Yours truly didn’t get a ticket. I hope you were one of the final 20. If you weren’t, no worries. Daily Fantasy Football leagues live on through Week 17. Stop back Friday and we’ll try to separate the wheat from the chaff as we head into the weekend. 



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