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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

Can any of you remember a year like this?

That is, we have not just had more quarterbacks on the receiving end of the IR, but in their wake all kinds of point makers have appeared at signal caller.

Now, I play in a couple of leagues where two quarterbacks are a must: one that requires playing a pair at the helm each Sunday, and one where we can play a second in our flex spot (and, I may note, that to really have a successful team in this format, you must).

That means--especially in the league where starting a pair of signal callers is manadatory--there is always a shortage.

It also means that none of the guys listed below were even drafted, yet, look just how incredibly productive they have been over the past few weeks (Note that points are in a standard PPR format, and that if there is an asterisk, it means the player essentially got just one start):

  • Nick Foles (84.90): An amazing total, first against a strong Oakland defense, then against a Packer team lost without Aaron Rodgers
  • Case Keenum (59.45): Keenum was not even drafted, in fact coach Gary Kubiak had to talk Keenum into signing a deal. Does he uproot Matt Schaub? I don't know, but he is playing like he should.
  • Kellen Clemens (44.65): OK, a tough act to follow with Bradford injured, but then we get shades of Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick last year? Does having a solid back-up mean you have trade bait, or should teams keep the insurance?
  • Terrelle Pryor (37.80): He is raw, and was indeed drafted in my two-QB must, Kathy League Gifford, by Lori Rubinson (but, since Lori is the best player among us, this should not be a surprise). Still, a lot of talent and waiver bucks spent on the guy.
  • Josh McCown (30.70)*: Had the Bears started McCown instead of the still injured Jay Cutler, they might well have beat the Lions yesterday. But, that is speculative hindsight. Still, as much as I like Cutler, McCown seems a lot cooler under fire, and that is indeed something a team needs.
  • Jason Campbell (27.10)*: Talk about a retread, Campbell had the Oakland starting gig in 2012, but lost it first to Carson Palmer, who was traded in lieu of Pryor. Still, who would not have been happy with Campbell's performance last week (he had a bye Week 10).
  • Jeff Tuel (21.15)*: Who?
  • Scott Tolzien (19.90)*: Relieved Seneca Wallace, who relieved Aaron Rodgers. And, say what you will about Aaron Rodgers: he makes the Pack a winner.
  • Mike Glennon (17.70)*: Done well in Tampa, when given the chance.

That is a lot of guys, and a lot of points, and while it may be easy to diss a back-up quarterback, clearly, those guys can put up points.

It does make me wonder a few things, though.

First, is how important having a professional back-up can be. For those of you old enough, think about Earl Morrall, who came in to spell both Johnny Unitas, and the Bob Griese at critical times, with major success.

Second, and I have alluded to this already: how important is a guy like Rodgers to a team like the Packers?  Or more important, how big the difference is between Jay Cutler starting, being relieved by Josh McCown, as opposed to Rodgers starting, and being relieved by Wallace.

For ideally, simply swapping out the QB should not make one team better than another in the middle of play.

Or, should it?


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