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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

We all love the spring, don't we?

Chock full of anticipation, for just as we were kids and could not wait to see the new baseball cards, and then, mercifully for the season to begin, well, nothing changes.

That Pavlovian feeling morphed into wating for new Strat-O-Matic cards, to the new version of the Bill James Baseball Abstract and then The Bill Mazeroski Annual until the sophisticated books like The Forecaster and the STATS Notebook. This week, spring games even started, and suddenly it is time to bag all the mock drafts in which we have participated the last six weeks as the bullet hits the bone.

Today, I am winging my way to Phoenix for LABR 2010, as well as a quick shot at the Athletics and Angels (last year during the stopover I saw the debut of Brett Anderson).

Next week my Scoresheet League drafts on Saturday, and then on Monday, there is the Bloomberg League (in fact the league is soliciting six regular guy players, so see the piece on the Mastersblog on how to participate), and then comes the first NFBC weekend in Vegas.

The month culimates in New York with both Tout and the NFBC, and, while I am guessing your schedule is not quite so broad and travelled, you likely have a similar set up with drafts and dates that were penciled into your calendar, or entered to a mobile device and Outlook months ago.

And, like Christmas, or Hanukah, or your birthday when you were back in those baseball card days, the date seemed like it would never get here and pow, here it is.

Of course the travelling is fun, but hard on me. And, though I love playing in all those leagues, well, seeing my leaguemates and sharing some time with them is the best part by far.

Somehow I get to see these guys off and on in the month of March as we all zig zag the country and hook up here and there for various leagues, and the time is great, but short. And, I know I won't see most of them again till the fall when we all converge again on Phoenix for the BBHQ AFL soiree hosted by Ron Shandler. In fact, if any of the above rings true for you, well, you owe it to yourself to attend, for it is so much more relaxed, and, well, is the best time I have during the season watching games. And, well, I see a lot of games during the season.

It is a lot of fun, no? A whirlwind, but, a lot of fun. At least, I am guessing you are having as much fun this month as I am.

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