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Friday 20th Oct 2017

Since Diane had Friday free, I picked her up at Davis Thursday late afternoon, and we beat it up to our place in the mountains.

As I have written so often, it is great up there, in the middle of the Tahoe National Forrest, with very little connection to the "real" world. We do have DSL, but over the last couple of months, our service has been irritatingly spotty, with the modem going up and down at whim. And, since the house is sporadically occupied, it is difficult to pinpoint a time, or appointment to coordinate fixing.

I did spend a chunk of time over the weekend swapping out modems and rewiring and talking with the help line for a few hours, but the upshot was I missed everything related to the final League Championship games. 

Furthermore, when I woke up Sunday morning and the modem was down, it was trouble, first of all because I edit the site on Sundays, but also because I could not remember if the rosters I set Thursday covered today as well.

Fortunately, I did get online long enough to take care of things, but I was in the dark for the most part on scores till we got into the car to come home, and once we were out of the woods, while trying to find "ESPN Football Sunday" on the radio, I stumbled into the Bears/Redskins game just as the fourth quarter was starting. 

Well, collectively, the teams scored 31 points during that last period, 21 over the last five minutes, making it some good listening on the trek home.

But, as I heard about, and then reviewed the scores when we got home, I was pretty surprised at how close--and exciting--the games were this past weekend.

Five of Sunday's games were decided by three points or less, including the Jets/Patriots going to overtime, Kansas City outlasting Houston by a point, while Pittsburgh/Baltimore, and Detroit/Cincinnati pretty much went to the wire as well.

Plus, there was also the killer New England win of last week, and the great shootout between the Broncos and the Cowboys a few weeks back, giving us something pretty exciting, week in, week out.

While we still have those amazing Chiefs as an undefeated team, as I watch the Colts riding roughshod--as my cousin Richard predicted last Thursday--over Denver and Peyton Manning, it appears Kansas City will be the only team able to claim this after Week 7.

I know there are those pundits who long for a team dominant, like the Packers of the early 60's, or the Steelers of the 70's, or Niners of the 80's, but I really dig that no one really knows what is up from one week to the next.

Much like adding the extra Wild Card games to the baseball playoffs, I think the gold ring of making the playoffs in any sport does fuel the desire of both the potential playoff teams, along with their fans.

As I see it, that makes for some pretty fun nailbiting.

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