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Monday 25th Sep 2017

My Week 6 lineup posted here last week was good enough to make the top 5%, but not good enough for a ticket to Vegas. That’s why I usually duplicate a couple of the same entries in Head-to-Head matchups or in 50/50 tournaments. As long as you can outperform half the field you’ll at least get most of your FFFC entry fee back in the 50/50’s.

This was the lineup for the team leading the qualifier heading into Monday night:

Nick Foles 30.04

Knowshon Moreno 31.9

DeMarco Murray 12

Wes Welker 15.3

Justin Blackmon 26

Antonio Brown 13.7

Vernon Davis 34

Matt Prater 5

Cincinnati Bengals 7

Davis was a premium matchup play as the Cardinals are giving up the most points to tight ends. Prater was kicking at altitude (can’t hurt his chances for a long one) and kicking for a heavy favorite. For the second consecutive week, Blackmon presented himself as the best value play of the season. Taking a cheap quarterback such as Foles enabled him to spend on Murray, Welker, Brown and Davis.

Stop back on Friday and I’ll have some picks for Week 7 of the FFFC at Fanduel.

Tavon Austin is ranked 71st in PPG, coming in at an 8.8 clip. That’s low-end WR6 territory. He was on my bust list in September. At the last second, I wrote Todd and had him removed from my list. Why? Game tape. I watched too much game tape of him and saw what many others saw: amazing speed and lateral quickness that jumps off the screen. I was duped just like everyone else and pushed out of my mind what mattered most. He’s still a 5’9” 171 pound rookie that had all the earmarks of a glorified Andrew Hawkins (5’7” 175 pounds). As it turns out, Austin is slightly underperforming what the Bengal slot receiver produced last year. His snap count has been trending in the wrong direction four consecutive weeks and he received only one target on Sunday. He has become unstartable.

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