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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Mark Meltzer attended the Mets-Cardinals game on Friday and offers his eyewitness account. Brian Walton adds a few supporting remarks as well.


Cardinals starter Brad Penny was awful today in Jupiter.  He allowed three earned runs on six hits in two innings – 46 pitches – 14 balls – 32 strikes.  Mets lineup did not include Reyes, Wright, or Bay. (BW: Penny said he threw more sinkers on the day than he has his entire career. Dave Duncan construction project at work!)


Lance Lynn pitched the 3rd, 4th, and 5th inning against the Mets and was unbelievable.  Nine up – nine down.  32 pitches – 11 balls – 21 strikes – three strikeouts. (BW: The organization’s pitcher of the year in 2009 has just one game at Triple-A, but is a very nice back-of-rotation sleeper.)


Mets outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. – broken bat single and two bad strikeouts.


Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus made a great play in centerfield that will likely not appear in a report anywhere because it did not result in an out.  Matthews going from first to third on a hit and run single to center by Alex Cora.  Rasmus fired a strike to third that just missed getting Matthews.  Rasmus also added two solid singles and two RBI. (BW: Rasmus batted second in the order Friday. Watch his spring use as he has more value at #6.)


The David FreeseJoe Mather battle for the Cardinals 3rd base job looks like it could go on for a while.  Freese started today at third, Mather started at DH.


Mets starting pitcher Fernando Nieve was serviceable for an early spring start – three innings pitched – 57 pitches – 24 balls – 33 strikes – one earned run – not a lot of hard hit balls.

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