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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

So far, this season makes me feel a lot like a real NFL owner. Of all the leagues I am in, my teams are virtually all 2-3, or 3-2.

Meaning, we have a good week, and then we have a bad week.

There are some instances where had I swapped out a bench player (Jordy Nelson for example) for a starter (Eric Decker, and that would have been Week 1) where the shift in wins and losses might have been a tad different. In fact, in that league, Lord Zola's North American Internet Fantasy Football League  (NAIFFL), that move, coupled with losing a second game to Jason Grey by .60 of a point (or an Anquan Boldin reception) are the only things that separate me from an undefeated record.

Not that it might have mattered, for in that setup my main QB on the Cam Shafts is Cam Newton, who along with his Carolina mates blew chunks on Sunday. Kind of like the Bears. Not to mention Seattle, who looked so dominant the first half of their game that Mike Ditka noted he would not pick against them again.

Oddly, Coach had selected the Colts to win yesterday, and amazingly, they did. Making me wonder if Ditka will hold true to his word?

Back to my own fantasy/reality, however, it is odd to check out my point production in the Utter Genius League, where again, I was 2-2 going into Week 5.

Still, it is strange to look at the hot/cold line of my Smith Brothers Team each week so far:

  1. 115.7 (L)
  2. 193.1 (W)
  3. 112.6 (L)
  4. 188.9 (W)
  5. 115.6 (L)

Since I have played basically the same squad every cycle in Utter Genius, I am not too sure what to do. I do know I could use quarterbacks who are more versatile than Alex Smith and Joe Flacco, but the pair did earn 33.8 points this past cycle, which though not great, is not so horrible.

But, especially tough were Week 3 and Week 5, when going into the afternoon games, I had commanding leads, with very good players--Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, Anquan Bolden--that according to projections, a win should have been one of those cakewalk givens.

To the contrary, all I could do is watch my players get shut down while my opponents danced past me with some major output.

In that league, I think the good news is that no team is dominant. Every squad has lost at least one game, and it should be a dogfight to the post-season.

I do need to figure out an answer to one of my quarterbacks, I believe, but at this point there is not really anyone I can plug into my roster. 

Fortunately, all the other leagues in which I play also are just as tight, so if we can work through the early-season roller coaster, there might indeed be some post-season games out there for me.

Like I said: It is just like being an owner in the NFL these days.

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