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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Though the focus of my Monday missives might transmogrify from baseball, which just ended, save the postseason, to football, which is just beginning to really kick into gear, apparently my neuroses is constant.

For I could not figure out whether to let Mike Morse start in the outfield over Craig Gentry during the last weeks of the season. Not that it mattered.

But, since the football season is new and fresh, and all my teams are still in it, these decisions feel a lot more germaine at this moment in time and space.

If you indeed play fantasy football, and drafted this year, chances are you noticed that Quarterback is a pretty rich spot.

In fact, save the one league where we have a rule whereby we have to play a pair of signal callers each cycle in a 12-team format (which makes the concept of bye weeks interesting), I found I could generally wait until the fifth or sixth round before selecting one.

Todd and I drafted in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association League in June, and we took Matt Ryan in the sixth round, and grabbed Joe Flacco as a backup four rounds later.

In my Utter Genius league, I waited just as long to grab Alex Smith and Flacco in a format where we can play a second QB in the flex spot.

And, in the Kathy League Gifford--the contest where we must play two quarterbacks each week--I again grabbed Flacco, along with Cam Newton and Ryan Tannehill.

That means I have Flacco, the second most highly paid player in the NFL (behind Aaron Rodgers), on three teams. And, you would think a guy who led his team to a Super Bowl win less than a year ago, and who won the Rozelle trophy, would garner more respect than that of a second string player, but that is where the chips lie.

Although, the only format in which I was really playing Flacco regularly was the Utter Genius, with Joe in the Flex spot, where over the past pair of weeks he had not been too productive.

I had to play Flacco in the League Gifford this past week, since Cam Newton was on a bye, and since all the ambulatory quarterbacks are snatched up on draft day in that league.

But, in Utter Genius, I was monitoring both EJ Manuel and Terrelle Pryor, figuring I wanted someone who could both throw and scramble, meaning Flacco's time on my roster was probably short-lived.

But last Monday's concussion left Pryor on the bench this week, and I feared over-managing my team, deciding to just let it ride with Flacco.

Well, 50 passes and 347 yards, with a couple of scores, though five picks later, Flacco was good for 21.9 points on my team that had productive days from just about everyone, meaning I would have won without the contributions of the Ravens' key cog.

In the meantime, The Blind Squirrels, one of the Utter Genius teams, picked Pryor up yesterday morning on waivers, just before the Sunday morning kickoff.

What will be interesting is that in Utter Genius, though we can play a pair of QBs, we similarly cannot have more than two of them on our roster at any given time.

And, since the most successful teams play a pair of them each week, it will be interesting to see how long the Squirrels retain the services of Pryor, especially if he misses another week due to injury, with a bye week looming. 

As for Manuel, a pair of interceptions and a fumble reduced his point total to just 11 for Sunday at Utter Genius.

And, well, dull as Flacco might be, I think I will simply stick with his dullness if the results are around 20 points each week.

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