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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Kevin Dukesherer is no stranger to success in the High Stakes arena, and he has landed in the baseball money circle yet again. In the Fantasy Baseball Players Championship inaugural season, the Duke has led the field for the last month and is one week away from bringing home 50K. Let’s look at his draft.

1.2 Miguel Cabrera (1.1,1.1)

2.13 Adrian Beltre (1.14,2.5)

3.2 Ian Kinsler (3.2,2.11)

4.13 Ian Desmond (4.2,3.9)

5.2 Adam Wainwright (4.11,3.8)

6.13 Jordan Zimmermann (7.10,6.9)

7.2 R.A. Dickey (6.6,6.4)

8.13 Carlos Gomez (9.10,7.14)

9.2 Fernando Rodney (8.10,7.3)

10.13 Chris Davis (9.14,10.6)

11.2 Matt Harvey (9.2,10.8)

12.13 Huston Street (12.10,12.1)

13.2 A.J. Pierzynski (13.4,12.2)

14.13 Alcides Escobar (13.14,9.10)

15.2 Josh Reddick (13.5,15.3)

16.13 Michael Saunders (22.14,19.9)

17.2 Steve Cishek (13.11,14.1)

18.13 Jayson Werth (14.3,14.11)

19.2 Tommy Milone

20.13 Aaron Hicks

21.2 Jurickson Profar

22.13 Mitch Moreland

23.2 Erasmo Ramirez

24.13 Brett Myers

25.2 Eduardo Nunez

26.13 Cody Ross

27.2 Cory Luebke

28.13 Yasmani Grandal

29.2 Erik Kratz

30.13 Dan Straily

Through 13 rounds, this is one of the most glorious drafts I’ve seen in quite some time, perhaps one of the best ever. R.A. Dickey did struggle a little adjusting to the American League, but other than that each pick was a resounding success. The numbers to the left represent the round Kevin drafted each player. I do not have access to any ADP data, so I merely tracked each pick in both of my FBPC Main Event drafts. The numbers to the right of each player represent where those players were taken in those two Main Event drafts. It’s abundantly clear that a value drafting approach was employed here. Kevin knows how to spot a value while simultaneously avoiding the “value trap” as it were. Among the numerous values, Adrian Beltre at 2.13 jumps off the page. I don’t know what else to say other than it is utterly shocking that the elite third baseman lasted that long. Structurally, he built cornerstones in his infield first, waiting on pitching until the 5th and eschewing outfielders until the 8th round. Power planted at the corners and speed spread through the middle infield and outfield. KJ’s Zefurs lead the overall in both HR’s (300) and RBI’s (1084), drafting an impressive 77.3% (232) of his homers and 75.6% (820) of his ribbies with his first 10 drafted hitters.


Kansas City’s top pitching prospect Yordano Ventura has pitched well through two big league starts and is scheduled to take the mound once more on Saturday night in the Windy City. The fireballer boasts a fastball that hits triple digits and is someone to scout during his cup of coffee and during the preseason in 2014.

Danny Salazar is another youngster who can light up the radar gun. The night I saw him pitch, his fastball, while very fast, didn’t have a ton of movement and he wasn’t changing speeds that much. Nevertheless, with a 57/14 K/BB ratio, clearly he’s doing something right. The Indians have capped his pitch count at around 80 most starts, so he’s only averaging five innings per start and often only goes four. The rookie heads to Chicago Wednesday for his final start of the season.

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