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Friday 20th Oct 2017

I hardly ever take sick days.

First, I have too much to do.

Second, I like working, thinking, and keeping busy. I think of it as fun. Might as well. I mean, like it or not, I have to work. So I may as well enjoy what I am doing.

And, well, I got a pretty nasty cold when I came home from Chicago the week after the Super Bowl, and it kind of hung on, turning into a really nasty bug/flu this week.

I endured through yesterday, and had been at my desk for three hours today, typing away, when I just ran out of gas.

I crawled back under the covers, and Jazzmine and Pavlov joined me. Of course my laptop and IPhone were nearby because I could not get too far from work, and the book I am reading, a treatment of the life of Mary Todd Lincoln. And new copies of Mojo, Guitar Player, and The New Yorker.

But, what really caught my eye was the Cardinals/Mets game on the MLB Network. To tell the truth, yesterday I tracked the Bucs and Yankees, as well as the game the day before. That was the day Russ Adams actually hit a ninth inning home run, shock of all shocks. I still remember five years back, purchasing Adams in Tout thinking he was going to break out. Almost right. I guess he broke down, so, I had one of the words correct.

But, it was fun watching the Cards (and emailing with Brian Walton as the game progressed), and then after a snooze, I awoke and the Yankees and the Phils were playing, and later tonight the Pale Hose and the Angels were supposed to be on as a delay.

I clearly do not like being sick, but, well, I gotta say, lying in bed with the pups, some hot lemon tea, and watching baseball is not such a bad way to go either.

Happy spring!



0 #1 John Verdello 2010-03-07 05:03
The recharge of one's batteries is an often overlooked and yet important aspect of anyone's life. Especially at this time of the year to one such as yourself. Be well ...feel better ... the sport will still be here tomorrow.

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