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Saturday 21st Oct 2017

Chicago at Oakland

I saw a lot of Terrelle Pryor at the Horseshoe in C-bus during his three-year stint at ‘THE’….. Ohio State University. Incredibly gifted physically, he could be painful to watch at times when he decided to become a pocket passer. He didn’t turn the ball over five times a game. It just seemed like it. His college passing statistics give a distorted view of what actually took place on the field. His 1,500+ rushing yards his last two years in the Big Ten give a glimpse of his ceiling. Imagine a faster version of Vince Young, only packaged with horrible decision-making. I keep waiting for the “real” Terrelle Pryor to show up under center in the black and gray. I’m still waiting. Has he finally matured? Has he finally figured it out? Time will tell, but the current version of the former Buckeye looks like a completely different signal caller. He appears to be more in tune with his limitations. He’s been patient and accurate and even threaded the needle on a couple of mid-range passes. Caveats abound. He’s facing vanilla defenses comprised of backups. The house of cards could come crashing down when things speed up and the games actually count. Still, the upside is intriguing. He’s worth an end game flier in a draft champions format or a waiver pickup as a QB2 in season. Keep an eye on Nick Kasa. Tight Ends rarely make an impact their rookie year, so at this point he’s more of a dynasty league pick or waiver prospect down the road, but you just never know. He has good size(6’6” 265), good hands and not many of Oakland’s receivers have impressed this off-season. David Ausberry is another tight end battling for playing time. His 6’4” 258 pound frame would make for a big red zone target. Neither is worth selecting on draft day, but monitor this situation. Last year, the Raider receivers were void of a serious red zone threat, opening up the door for Brandon Myers to break onto the fantasy scene.

Seattle at Green Bay

Vince Young played well and sent Graham Harrell packing. Dujuan Harris is a speed demon, but that same knee is barking at him again. He may not be ready for the opener. Jonathan Franklin just doesn’t look as good as his college tape. Eddie Lacy couldn’t get anything going running with the two’s but it wasn’t his fault. It’s actually a good thing as this “poor” showing might keep his price from inflating. Christine Michael displayed his jets on a 43-yard touchdown run in the third quarter and later showed off a nifty spin move. He also reeled in an errant pass with one hand before accelerating through his running lane. Stephen Williams is buried too deep on the depth charts to be a consideration outside of 30-round draft champions leagues but he is someone to track as a possible pickup if he earns regular season snaps.

Philadelphia at Jacksonville

I still like Michael Vick this year, but his stock takes a hit on my chart. Vick had the ball in his hands way too long far too often. I wasn’t able to watch the All-22 film, so I don’t know if the Eagle receiving core has that much trouble getting open, if they’re all running too many deep routes or if number 7 is getting too greedy. Maybe it’s a mix of all of the above. The offensive line is improved from last year, but it did break down on occasion.  LeSean McCoy looked good, as did Bryce Brown when he wasn’t fumbling. In the middle of the 3rd quarter, Brown displayed good speed to get to the edge on a red zone carry, only to fumble it out of the end zone just before breaking the plane. I’d feel better about Justin Blackmon if Chad Henne was set to open the season as the starter. He’s simply the best quarterback on the Jaguars roster at this point in time. Jordan Todman showed good speed and burst on a number of carries, including a 63-yard scamper to the end zone.


0 #1 Perry Van Hook 2013-08-27 18:36
UPDATE - DuJuan Harris, GB OUT for the year so Lacy will start and Franklin will vie for playing time as COP back with Starks and Green

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