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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Monday, August 5 – 11:15 AM

What’s going on here? 21 at-bats since the All-Star break for Daniel Nava? Why? We’re talking about a guy who sports a .371 OBP for the season to go along with 10 homers, 53 RBIs and 56 runs scored, and all of a sudden he’s a platoon player? Go figure. Believe me, I’ve done a decent amount of research trying to get to the bottom of this, and so far I’ve found nothing. But let’s face it, I can’t complain about what I’ve gotten from Nava this year after snatching him off the waiver wire for a mere one FAAB dollar back in April. Still though, I’ve been wasting a starting roster spot on him for the past few weeks, and from a counting stats perspective, this could end up costing me some points in the standings. Nava will now spend a few days away from the team as he takes a paternity leave, but when he does come back later this week, manager John Farrell better wake up and realize that Nava has done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment, this lack of respect. What’s going on here?

Wednesday, August 7 – 10:40 PM

I know, I can’t complain about what I’ve gotten this year from Jhonny Peralta, my $4 draft day investment in Mixed Tout. In two-thirds of the season, he earned back at least four times that amount. But really, how dumb can you be? Not only do you get caught up in this whole Biogenesis mess, but you accept the 50-game suspension when you could have appealed, bought yourself some more time and kept your fantasy owners happy? Ugh! It’s hard enough to find adequate middle infield help on the waiver wire in a 12-team mixed league. A 15-team mixed? Good luck.

For the past few days, I’ve been talking trade with Fred Zinkie in order to address this disaster. But I decided to wait at least a week. Instead, I’d try to find lightning in a bottle off the waiver wire. This week’s “lightning in a bottle” choice, Ryan Raburn, had been swinging a hot bat of late, so maybe this strategy would work out just fine and I could fill the Peralta void without giving up anything.

Or maybe not. After not playing at all on Monday, Raburn has gone 0-for-5 with four strikeouts over his last two games. I’ve had enough of this. I need someone, preferably with power potential, who is in the lineup every day. I need to maximize my counting stats, and these part-time guys are simply unacceptable.

Thursday, August 8 – 9:05 PM

Has this ever happened in real baseball? A team trades a player away only to re-acquire him a few months later?

When I dealt Dan Uggla to Fred Zinkie over the Memorial Day weekend, I had absolutely no intention of reuniting with him. Uggla’s extreme streakiness frustrates me to no end. Yet for some reason, every year I always seem to draft him in at least one of my leagues. Honestly though, getting him off my roster has actually done wonders for me psychologically. No more of those 0-for-4, 1-for-5, 0-for-6, 0-for-5 lines to stare at in disgust on a nightly basis. But let’s be fair. You’ve got to give Uggla some credit. He’s on pace for close to 30 home runs, more than 70 RBIs and just under 80 runs scored. Outside of Robinson Cano, there aren’t any second basemen who can put up those type of power numbers. And since Mixed Tout Wars is using OBP this year instead of AVG, Uggla isn’t as much of a liability in that area, as he actually draws a decent amount of walks.

Adrian Gonzalez has always been a favorite of mine. And even though he is no longer putting up those big home run totals, he remains a favorite of mine. You want consistency? Draft Adrian Gonzalez. He’s on pace for around 23 homers, 100-plus RBIs and a quality OBP. It’s really a shame that Gonzalez is the price I’ll have to pay in order to get that all-important middle infielder. I’m not thrilled about dealing Gonzalez to Fred in exchange for Dan Uggla and Adam LaRoche, as I’m taking on the riskier side of the trade. But at this point in the season and under these circumstances, I think I’m doing the right thing. I might lose a few points in OBP but the swap will surely help my counting stats, and late-season trades should always be more about needs than names.

And besides, it’s pretty obvious. Dan Uggla and I were meant to finish the 2013 season together.

And so ends the 100th installment of Diary of a Fantasy Madman. But who’s counting?

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