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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

Trivia time: When was the last time two teams split a doubleheader, where the home team won both games (answer coming)?

It has been a crazy week, locally, as both the Giants and Athletics were set to be in town this weekend, while between the two teams there were not just daily games to cover, but the Giants and the Reds managed a twin-bill on Tuesday, and I worked them both.

As I have said many times--and as we all know--part of the charm in baseball is you never know what you are going to see. And, the chances that you might see something unusual on any given day are pretty much equal.

For example, I worked the Giants 16 inning game against the Mets earlier this month, and despite 48 putouts made by the Giants, none went to center fielder Gregor Blanco.

Or, just as goofy, during that second game of the Tuesday doubleheader, Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford never touched the ball on defense despite 27 outs.

No assists. No putouts. No relays. No nothings.

So, out of 75 outs, over those two games, the two middle guys hardly touched the ball at all. Weird.

As for weird double dips, the Yankees and the Mets have played cross-town two stadium games three times, and the White Sox played two games against two different teams--the Indians in the day, and the Twins at night--the same day.

And, with the advent of interleague play, the resetting the home squad as part of a make-up game has become sort of business as usual for baseball. Though unusual is still more like it.

Irrespective, when the Reds and Giants took the field for the second game on Tuesday, it was to make up for the July 4 Cincy rainout, making the Reds the home team.

Which was indeed very odd to score, let alone watch.

For the Reds wore Red jerseys, but white pants, while the Giants wore greys. And, the Giants batted first, meaning Barry Zito had a chance to win his first road game of the season. Except at home.

It was odd.

And, in the end, Zito only lasted 4.2 innings, but the Giants did win, although it took four outs from Sergio Romo closing out the powerful Reds in the bottom of the ninth to get the win for Santiago Casilla (not Jake Dunning, who did get Zito off the hook to close out the fifth).

The game proved to be Bruce Bochy's 1500th victory as a manager, certainly an auspicious achievement, but Bochy's real sentiment was expressed in the statement, "it felt good to win a road game."

Oh, and by the way, since the Reds won the opener, that did indeed mean there was a doubleheader split, and the road team came out victorious each time.

Once again, you gotta love baseball.

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