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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are four Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League and 15-team Mixed Draft League. The Mixed leagues use on-base-percentage instead of batting average. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this is a bid tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




Player Awarded Winning Bid
HUrrutia, Bal 9 (22) Mike Siano 8 Larry Schechter
CColabello, Min 5 (12) Mike Siano 4 Joe Sheehan 4 Larry Schechter 0 Wolf/Colton
JVillar, Hou 1 (24) Rob Leibowitz
BMorel, CWS 1 (2) Jeff Erickson
BWorkman, Bos 0 Mike Siano 1 Joe Sheehan 0 Wolf/Colton
BCecil, Tor 0 Rob Leibowitz
DKeuchel, Hou 0 Joe Sheehan
TRedmond, Tor 0 Wolf/Colton
CGetz, KC 0 Wolf/Colton


JFrasor, Tex 0 Rob Leibowitz

Rob Leibowitz' Commentary

Perhaps in anticipation of a lackluster trading deadline and not having the hammer with remaining FAAB, Mike Siano of MLB.com made a pre-emptive strike and acquired a pair of hitters expected to be given the chance to be near-regulars in the second half. With Nolan Reimold out for the season, Henry Urrutia will be given the chance to DH against righties. He hit .365 combined in Double-A Bowie and Triple-A Norfolk, with seven homers, all with Bowie. Urrutia failed to go deep in 15 Triple-A games. Chris Colabello is the latest to audition for the Twins' corner outfield spots, though he is a first baseman by trade. He was raking at Triple-A Rochester, hitting .354 with 24 homers, but he's also 29 years old. Collabello's path to playing time isn't as clear as that of Urrutia, but he has more power.

I picked up Jonathan Villar, recently called up by the Astros to take over as the teams’ starting shortstop. The 22-year old offers tools aplomb with plus speed (31 stolen bases) and modest pop with 32 extra-base hits including 8 homers. The switch-hitter offers a rare opportunity for redraft leaguers to acquire a player with potential impact fantasy tools, so one has to take a chance on him. However, Villar has quite the aggressive approach at the plate and could easily be a flop in his first MLB foray. 




Player Awarded Winning Bid
BUpton, Atl 59 (67) Peter Kreutzer 58 Phil Hertz 45 Mike Gianella 21 Steve Gardner
16 Brian Walton 7 Chris Liss 3 Derek Carty
JLake, ChC 18 (21) Lenny Melnick 17 Todd Zola 11 Peter Kreutzer 11 Tristan H. Cockcroft
4 Mike Gianella 2 Derek Carty
AWood, Atl 14 (19) Peter Kreutzer 13 Todd Zola 7 Chris Liss 1 Lenny Melnick
WRodriguez, Pit 2 (22) Brian Walton 1 Derek Carty
BRevere, Phi 1 (6) Brian Walton
XPaul, Cin 1 Mike Gianella
JBianchi, Mil 0 Peter Kreutzer
CStammen, Was 0 Derek Carty
BBadenhop, Mil 0 Derek Carty
BMorris, Pit 0 Phil Hertz


TWatson, Pit 0 Phil Hertz
GReynolds, Cin 1 Brian Walton
DAardsma, NYM 0 Phil Hertz
CQualls, Mia 0 Phil Hertz
BLeague, LAD 0 Phil Hertz
BKintzler, Mil 0 Phil Hertz
MParra, Cin 0 Derek Carty
KSiegrist, StL 0 Derek Carty
JMijares, SF 0 Derek Carty

Brian Walton's Commentary

With the last chance to receive full FAAB reclaim at the All-Star break, several National League Tout owners returned notable but injured players to the free agent pool. That led to spirited bidding this week on one major 2013 disappointment, Atlanta's B.J. Upton. Rotoman (aka Peter Kreutzer) pushed $67 to the center of the table and paid $59 (Vickrey) for the chance to see if Upton can turn his season around once his groin strain is healed.

New Cubs infielder/outfielder Junior Lake may or may not remain in the majors, but that uncertainty did not deter half the league from bidding for his services. Lenny Melnick won with a $21 offer, reduced to $18.

Atlanta lefty Alex Wood impressed in his earlier stay in the majors. In his Triple-A debut on Wednesday, Wood allowed just one run in five innings. His expected return led to considerable attention from Tout warriors. Rotoman was again the winner, with his $18 bid reduced to $14.




Player Awarded Winning Bid
HUrrutia, Bal 8 (13) Ray Flowers 7 Eric Mack 3 Paul Singman 2 Tim Heaney
2 Scott Swanay
CGaudin, SF 3 (4) Nicholas Minnix 2 Tim Heaney 2 Ray Flowers
JLake, ChC 1 (3) Derek Van Riper
AHechavarria, Mia 1 (0) Ray Flowers 0 Fred Zinkie
CYelich, Mia 1 (11) Tim Heaney
JVillar, Hou 1 (3) Tim Heaney
JAxford, Mil 1 (17) Nando DiFino 1 Scott Swanay
JNicasio, Col 1 (4) Eric Mack 0 Paul Singman
AWood, Atl 1 (7) Nicholas Minnix
TWalker, Sea 1 (4) Paul Singman
JMaxwell, Hou 1 (10) Scott Swanay
TClippard, Was 1 (3) Scott Swanay
JBaker, Tex 0 Paul Singman


CColabello, Min 9 Ray Flowers 3 Tim Heaney 2 Scott Swanay
DRobertson, NYY 3 Scott Swanay
SCasilla, SF 3 Scott Swanay
DLough, KC 2 Scott Swanay
LOverbay, NYY 2 Scott Swanay 2 Tim Heaney
LValbuena, ChC 2 Scott Swanay
SDelabar, Tor 2 Scott Swanay 0 Nicholas Minnix
MAviles, Cle 2 Ray Flowers
DAckley, Sea 1 Tim Heaney
KNieuwenhuis, NYM 1 Tim Heaney
PFlorimon, Min 1 Tim Heaney
JCollmenter, Ari 0 Paul Singman
EVolquez, SD 0 Eric Mack
KGibson, Min 0 Eric Mack

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

While there were a decent number of players purchased this week, not a whole lot of dollars were spent, as only two players netted winning bids in excess of $1. Cuban defector Henry Urrutia made his big league debut for Baltimore over the weekend, and although his major league career has gotten off to a modest start (1-for-5, RBI), Urrutia has put up strong minor league numbers this year and is expected to serve as the Orioles’ regular DH versus right-handed pitchers. At this point in the season, getting quality production off the waiver wire, particularly on the offensive side, is no easy task, so eight bucks is a more than reasonable price.

Chad Gaudin, yes Chad Gaudin, has been one of the hottest pitchers in baseball over the past few weeks, having allowed a mere two runs over his last three starts combined to go along with 22 strikeouts in 19 innings. Pitching him versus the Reds this week seems a little risky, as the Cincinnati lineup is no slouch. But at least the start will come at home, where Gaudin sports a microscopic 0.55 ERA, so hey, why not?




Player Awarded Winning Bid
RBrothers, Col 11 (13) Tom Kessenich 10 Ray Guilfoyle 7 Brent Hershey 7 Perry Van Hook
6 Tim McLeod 6 Mike Podhorzer 4 Scott Engel
2 Charlie Wiegert
IDavis, NYM 4 (12) Mike Podhorzer 3 Eno Sarris 1 Ray Guilfoyle
CArcher, TB 3 (5) Brent Hershey 2 Ray Guilfoyle 0 Tim McLeod
MSaunders, Sea 2 (3) Eno Sarris 3 Charlie Wiegert 1 Grey Albright
WPeralta, Mil 2 (27) Gene McCaffrey 1 Ray Guilfoyle
BZiegler, Ari 1 (13) Brent Hershey 3 Tom Kessenich
JBlanton, LAA 1 (2) Grey Albright
BBarnes, Hou 1 Grey Albright
JSaunders, Sea 1 (3) Charlie Wiegert
JSmoak, Sea 1 (4) Charlie Wiegert
JLake, ChC 1 (27) Gene McCaffrey 1 Charlie Wiegert
JVillar, Hou 1 (8) Tim McLeod
PStrop, ChC 1 (2) Tim McLeod
BCrawford, SF 1 (2) Scott Engel
HUrrutia, Bal 1 (2) Ray Guilfoyle 17 Gene McCaffrey
TJordan, Was 1 (9) Paul Greco
TGorzelanny, Mil 1 (9) Paul Greco
NHundley, SD 0 Brent Hershey


DHernandez, Ari 3 Tom Kessenich
TRedmond, Tor 3 Charlie Wiegert
CColabello, Min 2 Charlie Wiegert
EStults, SD 2 Charlie Wiegert
TChatwood, Col 2 Charlie Wiegert
CTorres, NYM 1 Tim McLeod
AAmarista, SD 1 Scott Engel
JSatin, NYM 1 Ray Guilfoyle
SKazmir, Cle 1 Mike Podhorzer
UJimenez, Cle 1 Grey Albright
JMayberry, Phi 1 Charlie Wiegert 1 Grey Albright
RDelgado, Ari 1 Charlie Wiegert
JLobaton, TB 0 Brent Hershey

Todd Zola's Commentary

There's a little bit of everything in today's run. The injury to Rafael Betancourt propelled Rex Brothers atop the heap though I'm surprised  Kirk Gibson suggesting he's comfortable using Brad Ziegler as closer didn't garner the sidearmer more attention. Perry Van Hook placed a token bid on Brothers since he's covered in saves and wants to save his FAAB bullets for more pressing needs.

A couple of disappointing hitters will be given another chance as Ike Davis and Michael Saunders have new homes. I like Saunders to show us why he was a 20/20 threat coming into the season.

Chris Archer and Wily Peralta have both been on serious rolls and are not both off the free agent market. Tampa has a knack for handling young pitching, I have no issue using him at home.

The new blood was also accounted for as Lake, Villar and Urrutia were all picked up. I find it interesting how some owners lean to the Davis/Saunders types while others want the shiny new toy.


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