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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

I have good news and I have bad news with respect to my Lawr-gesse team, the squad I chose for Ron Shandler's new twist in roto, 30-day leagues.

Ron's idea is we play a month at a time, with a salary cap team based upon current performance, meaning Matt Kemp only cost $6 while Max Scherzer's price tag was $25 in the format where we picked 30 players with a $300 budget.

Back to the news, my being in 10th place, with 81 points, means there are nine teams beneath, which is good. It also means there are nine teams above me, which is bad.

The contest, which balances relievers by giving points for saves plus holds, and for hitters runs produced and on-base percentage.

My team features Yasiel Puig ($6), Michael Cuddyer ($25), Matt Adams ($5) and Mike Trout ($43), along with Zack Greinke ($1) and Chris Sale ($18) to name a core, and my league best 116 points over the past week has been enough to put me halfway up there, and, understand how volatile standings are over the first month. I guess I have a chance at first place, although I would need to pick up about 45 points.

Still, I am only six homers behind first place, though ten swipes back, while being among the leaders in strikeouts, while not so high in saves plus holds.

Since it is draft-and-follow, meaning the team you draft is the team you are committed to for the 30 days of the contest, Ian Kinsler ($11) and Rajai Davis ($9) have to kick it in gear.

The truth is I probably need to play the format a few times, not so much to get the hang but to see if I can find a pattern beyond the obvious, "if you pick the 30 hottest players, you will win."

Ron's set-up does allow for roster changes a couple of times a week, although doing that mid-week set is still something that I haven't gotten used to (meaning I forget I can do it).

In fact, Ron played in all the leagues this first time, and set all of his rosters without buying the rights to either Puig or Trout. 

On the other hand, I am not really one to stream pitchers, for example, and especially when the time frame is a month, there are really not that many opportunities to take advantage of a two-start week anyway.

But, aside from the fact that I personally think you will shoot yourself in the foot by streaming any players, I like to think that I picked the best players I could relative to what I had to spend, and to tell the truth, who I thought would produce over the month.

Since I am in the middle of the pack, I guess I have just as much ground to gain as I have to lose.

I guess I will have to report back in a couple of weeks.



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