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Tuesday 24th Oct 2017

Well, if baseball season, and especially as we are on the eve of the first spring games, spells rebirth, that alludes to life.

And, well, this time--and, I will probably keep on writing these till doomsday because to me the trannies are so evocative.

As the games do begin, this time I want to look at two guys who had so much promise and now are grasping to hang on.

I had Nick Bierbrodt on more than one of my ultra rosters. Bierbrodt was a first round pick of the Diamondbacks in 1996, and by 2001 made the big team. He bounced from Arizona to Tampa to Cleveland to Texas, and last pitched in the majors in 2004, sitting on a career mark of 6-9, 6.66 over 142 innings. This time the Rockies signed him. Maybe he can hang on as a reliever, and stranger things have happened, but man, it is a tough row to hoe, espeically for a relief pitcher.

Then there is the ever promising Charlton Jimerson, drafte in the fifth round in 2001 by the Atros. Over four years and 31 games, Jimerson hit .444-2-2, but over only nine at-bats. That is because he was simply a pinch runner the rest of time, and on the Baseball Reference site, Jimerson is listed as a "Pinch Runner and Right Fielder," in that order. Jimerson has not played at the Show since 2008, although the Twins, who do have a keen eye, signed him last week. Again, that tough row to hoe.

Good luck to both. Hard hanging on.

Now, on with the games.

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