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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

The chances to win a seat at FanDuel's Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship are dwindling. All you have to do is win tonight's qualifier and you'll be one of 45 lucky individuals to win a trip to Las Vegas and have a chance to compete for the $200K top prize.

As you're likely aware, daily games are really booming. I've been writing for a new site, DFSEdge that specializes in daily strategy. One of the things I have learned from talking to some folks playing daily games is in order to win one of the larger contests you need to enter multiple squads with at least one embracing volatility.

By embracing volatility, one adds some high risk, high reward players to their lineup -- boom or bust if you will. Those of us weaned on traditional fantasy baseball may have a difficuly time pulling this off as playing it safe had been drummed into our skulls for over a decade. I actually find this to be a personal shortcoming in my appraoch to traditional fantasy.

Below are three lineups I am entering into tonight's DFBC. I'm going with three different pitchers - sort of a low, medium and high approach.

To enter a squad (or three) of your own, just click on the logo below.

Good luck to all those playing. 

P Matt Harvey WAS@NYM $8,800
C Michael Zunino CHC@SEA $2,200
1B David Ortiz TOR @BOS $5,000
2B Neil Walker MIL@PIT $3,000
3B Nolan Arenado SFG@COL $2,900
SS Josh Rutledge SFG@COL $2,900
OF Michael Cuddyer SFG@COL $4,700
OF Dayan Viciedo CLE@CWS $2,300
OF Marlon Byrd WAS@NYM $3,200

P Hisashi Iwakuma CHC@SEA $7,900
C Wilin Rosario SFG@COL $3,400
1B Garrett Jones MIL@PIT $2,600
2B Neil Walker MIL@PIT $3,000
3B Pedro Alvarez MIL@PIT $4,500
SS Hanley Ramirez PHI@LOS $4,200
OF Travis Snider MIL@PIT $2,500
OF Alex Rios CLE@CWS $3,500
OF Eric Young WAS@NYM $3,400

P Ricky Nolasco SDP@MIA $6,500
C Wilin Rosario SFG@COL $3,400
1B Chris Davis NYY@BAL $5,500
2B Neil Walker MIL@PIT $3,000
3B Miguel Cabrera DET@TAM $5,900
SS Stephen Drew TOR@BOS $2,500
OF Nate McLouth NYY@BAL $3,300
OF Dayan Viciedo CLE@CWS $2,300
OF Chris Heisey CIN@TEX $2,600


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