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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Another week, another big name prospect is advanced, with Tampa Ray, nee Royal, Wil Myers joining the big club.

Drafted by the Royals in the third round in 2009, Myers' minor league resume is pretty good with a .300-78-316 over 445 games, with a .389 OBP (236 walks to 410 whiffs) and a .911 OPS.

But, as we all know--or should--Myers was swapped by the Royals during the off-season for James Shields, a swap that raised some eyebrows since the Royals were really doing a good job building around their young players, and Myers projected to be a key cog in that machine.

The Rays, struggling in a tight division, decided to advance the outfielder (.286-14-57 at Durham) a la the Dodgers, and Yasiel Puig, and so far Myers is off to a .267-1-6 line over his first seven Major League games and 30 at-bats. 

The Rays are really as deep as the Dodgers, but like Puig, if Myers produces, and more important helps ignite the team, expect him to keep playing.

Chances are in your Ultra League Myers is way gone, but in most throw-back situations, there is indeed a chance the outfielder could be out there.

If he is, bid accordingly.

I worked the Giants game Sunday, and got a good look at Miami right-hander Nathan Eovaldi, fresh off the DL. I saw Eovaldi hurl for the Dodgers a little over a year ago, prior to the Hanley Ramirez swap, and the Giants pretty much lit him up. But, the guy I saw today was clocking a fastball with good movement between 97-99 MPH, and was also able to tie up hitters with a pretty good change.

Eovaldi will need to learn another pitch or two to be a successful starter, but he tossed 6.2 innings, struck out seven, allowed a pair of runs and walked two with three hits, a very good performance.

With that good velocity, on a team with a couple of other good young arms in Jose Fernandez and Jacob Turner, Eovaldi is a good pickup right now, irrespective of his team.

Looking at a couple of other arms, the Rockies signed and now have brought forth Roy Oswalt, seemingly from the dead. He joins the ranks of Jeremy Bonderman, and other pitchers from seasons past, although based upon Oswalt's attempt to return via the Rangers last year (4-3. 5.80, 1.575 WHIP over 59 innings), pass. Repeatedly.

Then, Baltimore brought back Zach Britton to join their rotation, and again, Britton does have a winning record of 17-15 (.538 pct) but that goes with an ERA of 4.78 over 226 innings, with a 1.491WHIP and 153 whiffs (6.1 per nine innings). A third-round pick in 2006, Britton does have pretty good minor league totals (45-35, 3.24 over 179 starts and 678 innings). Now 25 years old, Britton did punch out 545 while walking 246 and allowing 575 hits (1.273 WHIP), and unlike Oswalt, Britton likely has his career ahead of him, meaning he could get it together and realize the potential. The key word, however, is "could." Pass for now unless you have a gaping hole.

Just in case you had not noticed, the last time Brett Cecil allowed a run was back on May 10, and since then he has twirled 19.2 innings, allowed two hits, struck out 23 and walked three (0.263 WHIP). Especially in a deep league, you want to jump on Cecil and hope the streak is not over.

Though Michael Cuddyer is probably not available in most leagues, he is hitting .345-2-10 over the last month, raising his season line to .339-10-39, with six steals even. Over his last 87 games, Cuddyer has gone .307-15-50.

Let's finish this with a couple of backstops promoted this week, starting with Boston's Ryan Lavarnway. Over 189 games at Triple-A Pawtuckett, Lavarnway is .288-29-119, with 49 doubles. Lavarnway is a big guy at 6'4", 240 pounds, so he has no speed (1 steal, and no triples), but the bottom line is there is little else the Yale grad can do at Triple-A. Meaning the Sox need to let him hit and play, or trade the catcher. He is obviously not a starter at this juncture (with Jarrod Saltalamacchia in tow) but Lavarnway is hitting a good enough .273-0-4 over four games so far. Lavarnway is probably not going to be a huge contributor this season, although he is a decent second catcher in an AL-only format. However, keep an eye on his progress, and certainly keep an eye with thoughts on next year.

A National League counterpart would be the Giants' Hector Sanchez, a major contributor to the World Series team last year with a .283-3-34 line, backing up MVP Buster Posey (218 at-bats). Sanchez was injured during the spring, and similarly got into the groove at Triple-A Fresno, but still just 23, Sanchez is back, seemingly healthy, and likely ready to pick up the gauntlet, for Posey will probably not be a catcher in San Francisco forever. Again, in a deep NL format, Sanchez is a good second backstop stop-gap in the event of an injury. Otherwise, he is more than worth tracking with future thoughts in mind.



0 #4 Todd Zola 2013-06-26 06:34
Re: KFFL -- it's a content exchange agreement we have with KFFL. They provide a feed to their popular Hot Off the Wire News Feed on our site and lawr and I do an exclusive piece for them.

Lawr has a similar arrangement with USAT.

I'm compensated for my work with Fantasy Alarm so it is exclusive to them.

As for the Insider - that's on me. They asked me for a day or so lag but I have often been remiss about posting them when that time has elapsed. I'll be faster going forward.
0 #3 Steve Le Blanc 2013-06-26 03:30
Why can't the articles just be posted here? My assumption was that I would be getting exclusive content by being a member now I have to press on links to go to other sites to read new content? Also why aren't Todd's Under the Microscope columns available under the premium content page? It seems they are posted sometimes a month later which quite frankly makes the info given dated and at certain points useless. Just providing feedback not trying to be negative, I'm sure there's an answer for many of my questions ( even if I don't like the answer lol )
0 #2 Todd Zola 2013-06-25 19:00
We're at the mercy of our West Coast content partners - that is we don't have control when the content is posted.

At least KFFL has consistent links. USA Today and Fantasy Alarm don't index the columns under a common URL so we have to alter them on our own so there will be a lag.
0 #1 Greg Doyle 2013-06-25 14:39
I'm aware that you guys are in the process of building out this website and (hopefully) invite feedback. The KFFL links (i.e. your updates every Tuesday) imply that if I click the link on Tuesday there will be an updated article ... i.e. first thing Tuesday vs. sometime Tuesday. This is not meant to be a complaint, merely feedback. I want you guys to succeed ....

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