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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

While it is fun to write about baseball and football, and be part of the fantasy industry, it is also sometimes goofy.

As in November, when football season is going full tilt, most of my colleagues (and I) are working on magazine articles and mock drafts for the coming baseball season.

Similarly, though we are barely one-third into the baseball season, all the fantasy football journals are being put to bed, as are a myriad of football mock drafts.

I have actually done a couple, coordinated by Rotowire's Mike Gottlieb, but next Tuesday, my mate Todd and I will venture to Chicago for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Summer (FSTA) conference.

As part of the soiree, we are participating in the "Group B" 2013 FSTA Fantasy Football draft. Meaning there is so much interest in the competition that they have to have two leagues (as opposed to the one baseball league in which Lord Zola and I also participate).

While I certainly cut my fantasy chops playing baseball--and often even bill myself as a crappy football player who still loves to play--I can do alright at the game when I choose to. As for Todd, he is pretty good at whatever he tries that has to do with numbers and statistics.

Still, as part of my prep to go head-to-head with the serious indy sharks, I prepped with the Mock Drafts, and wound up with teams I think I like.


In fact, in the second draft--a ten-team, two QB set-up--I think I might have walked away with the best team. In that venue I chose to pick first, and nabbed Arian Foster, on the return took Colin Kapernick and Russell Wilson, and then with picks four and five took Frank Gore and Eric Decker.

But, that was a mock.

Furthermore, last year, in the Kathy League Gifford, that Todd and I manage, and that also happens to be a two QB set-up, last year I drafted Eli Manning and Alex Smith as my principle signal callers. In hindsight, you may shake your heads and laugh at that, but going into 2012, with both those guys having led their teams into the 2011 post-season, they seemed like good and steady picks.

The point is even under the best circumstances, the worst possible outcomes can indeed occur.

Irrespective, in the NFBC-style format the FSTA is presenting, I certainly do want to grab a Wilson, or Kapernick, or Cam Newton or Robert Griffin III as a QB, but, depending upon when we pick, the question becomes how long do we focus on Running Back before we grab one of those prized young generals.

For I am clear: just as Michael Vick, in his prime, was worth so much because he could both pass and run, so are the Newtons, Griffins, and Wilsons of the world.

Aside from that, Wide Receiver undergoes enough flux--kind of like outfielders in fantasy baseball--that I am not so worried about that spot, and Tight End is deep enough and can wait a bit as well.

Meaning it all boils down to Running Back or Quarterback for my first pick.

But, kind of like deciding whether I want swordfish or steak at a nice restaurant, I will make my choice when I am on the clock.

Since it is still baseball season, that is about as ready as I can get. But, there is incentive, for the winner of the FSTA "B" league moves up to the "A" league the following season.

And that is exactly where Todd and I fancy ourselves.


0 #5 Lawr Michaels 2013-06-09 21:06
i understand what you are saying, perry, and, my inclination is to always take an RB first.

but, there is also that horrible burn that occurs as often as not when you draft accordingly.

i look at manning/smith, whom i took as picks 4 and 5 in a two qb league last year as an example.

i mean how much safer and steadier could i get? after drafting jones-drew, first.

well, you can imagine the disaster the season was by the end.

but, on draft day it looked like i had a great draft.
0 #4 Perry Van Hook 2013-06-09 18:46
Lawr - Please look at how few good starting running backs there are. You absolutely must get the best RB you can with your first pick (unless you take Calvin Johnson in the first and then it's the second round). On value based drafting even Aaron Rodgers is at best a late second round pick and really should be taken in the third. The shortage of three down running backs means you will several of the better teams start the draft with RB/RB
0 #3 Todd Zola 2013-06-09 18:10
I actually think the way to combat a RB heavy first round is with WR -- it's a 14-team PPR with 3 WR and a flex (NFBC type) so WR are not so abundant. In a PPR, the RB's that catch passes come into play.

The reason I prefer to wait on QB and TE is the longer you wait, the greater the return of investment can be. You only start one -- if you get lucky late, you have yourself a great backup or use the guy and replace a guy you drafted early. WIth my first 2 picks, I don't care about an ROI, I don't want to lose points. With RB and WR, you have multiple chances to use a late round gem, even if at flex.

There's no trading so it's not like you can deal the emerging QB either.
0 #2 Lawr Michaels 2013-06-09 13:32
I understand that Perry, but I am thinking a couple of things: first, points are the name of the game, and drafting a QB who can generate is a must. In fact, pretty hard to win without a QB who generates points.

Second, though I would lead to drafting a RB first--depending upon where we pick--getting a potential killer QB out of the way means exploiting WR and TE while everyone else is filling QB.

Kind of like causing a closer run. For,though there are the elite WR's, there are a boatload of very good second tier ones,and I think we can flesh out with the Anquan Boldins and Sidney Rices. I like Brian Quick, too.
0 #1 Perry Van Hook 2013-06-08 23:18
So much depth at quarterback this year that in normal FF formats it screams WAIT on your quarterback and get your starting running backs and top receivers first.

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