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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless you win $200,000 in which case you're allowed to take a little of it home with you. How are you going to win $200K? Winning FanDuel's Daily National Fantasy Baseball Championship, that's how.

But the only way to do that is to win a qualifier. Fortunately, your friends at Mastersball can help you with that by clicking on the link below.

WEATHER ALERT! It is going to be wet on the East Coast. The tilts in Washington, New York and Boston will all be threatened with rain so it is best to focus elsewhere. Fortunately, there is a full slate of games so a multitude of nice choices remain. Here's how I intend on booking my trip to Sin City.

P James Shields HOU@KAN $7,900 - There is a bunch of top starters toeing the rubber tonight. What I did was fill in my hitters first, adding as many bargains as I could and then see which pitchers could fit within the cap. I actually had $8,400 after the first run thus was able to make adjustments elsewhere. I left such stalwarts as Matt Harvey, Cliff Lee, Adam Wainwright, Gio Gonzalez, Chris Sale and Justin Verlander on the table. I would have shunned Harvey and Gonzalez for weather reasons but the rest were all in play. My desire to find a spot for CarGo kept me away from the very top guys. I had the ability to slide in Hyun-Jin Ryu for exactly $8,400 but opted for Shields and the extra $500 to upgrade elsewhere. Innings are valuable in FanDuel and I like Shields to go deep into tonight's game.

C Victor Martinez CLE@DET $2,800 - Ubaldo Jimenez has found himself again, but on the road against the vaunted Tigers' attack, I'll roll with a reasonably priced V-Mart.

1B Prince Fielder CLE@DET $4,400 - Even though I was looking to squeeze enough budget to afford one of the elite pitchers, I knew Shields was there as a fall-back and you can't go completely cheap with the bats as in order to win, you need a couple to have multiple point evenings, along with your pitchers with 15+ points. Prince is capable of the double digit production I need.

2B Jedd Gyorko SDP@COL $3,300 - Using Gyorko on the road breaks one of my tenets but when the road is a mile high, I'll make an exception. Jorge De La Rosa's surface stats are good, but his peripherals are mundane so I'll take a shot the rook gets a hold of one.

3B Nolan Arenado SDP@COL $2,200 - Arenado has been scuffling since his early success but at this price, I'll take a shot his recent resurgence has boosted his confidence. Edinson Volquez is not the same guy away from PETCO Park.

SS Didi Gregorius SFG@ARI $2,900 - I don't love this pick, but it is a salary-saver and fits the criteria, even though the left-handed hitting Gregorius will be facing solid righty Matt Cain. I still believe Cain is one of the best, but he has been dealing with a case of gopheritis.

OF Jay Bruce STL@CIN $3,600 - Those of you that follow the total body of my work are either laughing or asking WTF? This is likely the only night all season I will be rooting for Bruce as I infamously have him as a rest-of-season bust on the ESPN rankings. I never said he was going to strike out every time up, just a lot so tonight can he one of the nights he doesn't. It is Adam Wainwright 60 feet and 6 inches away, but I'll go with it anyway. Truth be told I hate this pick but the money works and the choices are limited with the potential  East Coast wash-outs.

OF Scott Van Slyke ATL@LOS $2,500 - This is completely a salary play but the match-up works, especially since it is Paul Maholm on the bump.

OF Carlos Gonzalez SDP@COL $5,400 - I realize the chance that lightning strikes twice in a week is slim, but in case it does, I want to be the one that gets hit.

That's what I have, what about you? Click on the FanDuel logo to reserve a spot in the DNFB qualifier. You have until 7 PM ET on Friday to adjust your lineup.


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