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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

FanDuel wants to fly you to Las Vegas to compete with 44 others for a chance as 200K. All you need to do is enter the $10 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship (DFBC) Finals linked under the logo below.

  • Friday night, May 31
  • $10 to enter
  • 250 prizes paid
  • Odd week this time around as there are a number of excellent pitchers starting on the road which is a double whammy - not only does this make it harder to find a pitcher working at home, but also limits hitters since most are squaring off against a decent starter. Here's my initial team. I'm feeling a little frisky so I'm going to enter a couple more later. I'll post them in the comments between 6 and 7 PM ET.

    P Corey Kluber TAM@CLE $5,600 - Check out the peripherals, Kluber has walked just one while fanning 23 the previous three games.

    C Victor Martinez DET@BAL $2,600 - V-Mart is on the road but he's hard to pass up at this rock bottom price. I'll take my chances against Miguel Gonzalez.

    1B Adrian Gonzalez LOS@COL $4,200 - Another road hitter, but when the road is in Colorado, I don't sweat it. Gonzalez needs more help from his friends but against Jon Garland, he doesn't need much help.

    2B Freddy Galvis MIL@PHI $2,200 - Strictly a salary fit so I can really load up the outfield.

    3B Chase Headley TOR@SDP $2,900 - Extremely low price for a home hitter facing rookie Chad Jenkins. Yummy.

    SS Everth Cabrera TOR@SDP $4,200 - This isn't the type of pick I usually favor as the price reflects how well Cabrera is playing now and not his true level, but I wanted a chance to go on record as saying I am beginning to believe the power surge is real.

    OF Mike Trout HOU@LAA $5,700 - Dallas Keuchel - 'nuff said.

    OF Coco Crisp CWS@OAK $4,200 - When healthy, Covelli is one of the best fantasy players in the game.

    OF Torii Hunter DET@BAL $3,400 - My only same handedness match-up, this is the best fit for the money.


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