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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

This week's promotional contest is another shot  at a seat in the Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship (DFBC) Finals. If you win the league, FanDuel will fly you to Vegas and you'll be one of 45 lucky individuals vying for the 200K top prize. A total of $2Million will be awarded.

  • Friday night, May 24
  • $10 to enter
  • 250 prizes paid
  • This is an interesting week as after my initial run-through, I found several players I liked - especially pitchers. There's a good chance I enter a few lineups tonight. When you're working with a limited bankroll, part of managing it properly is to pick and choose when to play. There are a couple of touchy weather situations this evening, but since I know I'll be at my PC from 6 PM to 7 PM ET, I know I'll be able to make adjustments (if necessary) though I plan on avoiding the most tenuous situations in Boston and Queens.

    Gratuitous plug time - I'll soon be contributing to a new site dedicated to daily games strategy, DFSEdge. One of the cool tools on the site is a listing of the game with the lineups once they are announced, but the weather situations are already up, including wind direction.

    Here's one of the lineups I'll be entering this evening.

    P Brandon McCarthy SDP@ARI $6,100 - There are some pricey options such as Jordan Zimmermann and Anibal Sanchez as well as a cheaper Bronson Arroyo (who was in my original line-up) but I switched to McCarthy who is gaining comfort in the desert and is facing the rather anemic Padres. He won't rack up the whiffs, but I'm hoping for some innings and perhaps a victory.

    C Alex Avila MIN@DET $2,600 - I'm willing to bet not many are joing me in playing Avila, who has been quite slow out of the gate and may sit against some lefties, as he has the past two nights. But I'll take my chance Avila snaps out of his funk against Samuel Deduno.

    1B Paul Goldschmidt SDP@ARI $5,000 - Goldschmidt has odd splits in that he fares better on the road even though Chase Field is a hitter's haven. Still, I like his prospects this evening as he faces Eric Stults.

    2B Jose Altuve OAK@HOU $3,300 - Tommy Milone is around the plate, Altuve makes frequent contact, a hit or two is a strong possibility. Add in a steal and run and Altuve is a nice option.

    3B Kyle Seager TEX@SEA $3,400 - Seager is back near the top of the order which is helpful. Hopefully this means he'll have an extra crack at Justin Grimm.

    SS Elvis Andrus TEX@SEA $3,500 - This is one of two instances of an away player cracking the lineup. The reason for this is I am leery to play Stephen Drew since the weather in Boston is shaky. Plus, I'll take a solid lead-off man against a ninth hitter.

    OF Shin-Soo Choo CHC@CIN $4,900 - Scott Feldman has really surprised, but I'll trust Choo to take care of business as he has done all season.

    OF Bryce Harper PHI@WAS $4,000 - Assuming Harper can avoid running into walls, I like this spot against Kyle Kendrick (though I am a fan of Kendrick and feel he's for real).

    OF Aaron Hicks MIN@DET $2,200 - I had $2,200 remaining and Hicks is a starter so I eschewed my lean to home players and will hope Hicks continues his recent success albeit facing the tough Anibal Sanchez.

    Good luck to all those entering their own squads.

    Please click on the FanDuel logo below to enter. Reserve your spot now and you can tweak your lineup right up until 7:00 PM ET.

    Todd will be not only entering the DFBC, but will also enter several other contests and will donate his winnings to this cause. Check back tomorrow and see how he plans on helping Madi get a D.A.D.




    0 #1 Todd Zola 2013-05-24 22:39
    Entered two more lineups

    P Anibal SanchezMIN@DET$7,600
    C Salvador PerezLAA@KAN$2,700
    1B Joey VottoCHC@CIN$4,700
    2B Dustin AckleyTEX@SEA$2,200
    3B Manny MachadoBAL@TOR$3,700
    SS J.J. HardyBAL@TOR$2,900
    OF Shin-Soo ChooCHC@CIN$4,900
    OF Cody RossSDP@ARI$2,900
    OF Ben ZobristNYY@TAM$3,400

    P Jordan ZimmermannPHI@WAS$8,300
    C Victor MartinezMIN@DET$2,900
    1B Prince FielderMIN@DET$4,300
    2B Steve LombardozziPHI@WAS$2,200
    3B Pablo SandovalCOL@SFG$3,900
    SS J.J. HardyBAL@TOR$2,900
    OF Andy DirksMIN@DET$3,500
    OF Adam JonesBAL@TOR$4,000
    OF Jacoby EllsburyCLE@BOS$3,000

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