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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

FanDuel is giving you another chance to be their guest in Las Vegas and win one of 45 seats in the Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship (DFBC) Finals. A total of $2Million will be awarded with the champion pocketing a cool $200K.

  • Friday night, May 17
  • $10 to enter
  • 250 prizes paid

Please click on the FanDuel logo below to enter. Reserve your spot now and you can tweak your lineup right up until 7:00 PM ET.

Before I divulge my attempt at glory, I must admit that I had my first disastrous day playing FanDuel earlier this week as I thought I had a pair of winning lineups during the afternoon games on Wednesday. Well, the road teams prevailed in a big way which croaked both my pitching and hitting. Fortunately, I'm still up on the season but I have some work to do to build the bankroll back up. The lesson, however, is to be careful managing your bankroll and stay disciplined. While the analogy is not perfect, there's a reason a stretch in the desert of Las Vegas is inundated with a whole bunch of pretty buildings with colorful lights, fountains and smelly guys flipping cards with scantily clad woman in your general direction.

The other lesson is if you have a system that has been successful, don't abandon it after one rough day. So I will continue to focus on home match-ups with LHB vs. RHP and RHB vs. LHP.

P Jaime Garcia MIL@STL $6,900 - Pitching was a little tough this time but I settled on a mid-priced option instead of trying to go really cheap (Jarrod Parker KAN@OAK $5,200) or top-tier (Cliff Lee CIN@PHI $8,500). Garcia's strikeout rate is pedestrian but he should be able to go deep into the game and his mates have a chance to score some runs facting Wily Peralta.

C Carlos Ruiz CIN@PHI $3,000 - Ruiz hasn't really gotten it going since returning from his suspension but I'll take my chance against the impressive but still young Tony Cingrani.

1B Chris Davis TAM@BAL $4,400 - I'm slow to come around but I am encouraged with Davis' better contact. I'm hoping he squares one or two up squaring off against Jeremy Hellickson who has been known to serve up a gopher on occasion.

2B Josh Rutledge SFG@COL $3,500 - This pick is dedicated to my contribution to the mid-May re-ranks I participated in at ESPN. I'm taking some serious heat (and loving every second of it) with my man-crush for Rutledge front and center. Heck, I'm going to enter an entire FanDuel team of players for which I am being ridiculed for their ranking. So much for staying disciplined with my bank roll!

3B Nolan Arenado SFG@COL $2,400 - I'm not warm and fuzzy about this pick mainly because Madison Bumgarner has the stuff to tame Coors not to mention make rookies look silly. But, the price and handedness is right so we'll roll the dice.

SS Asdrubal Cabrera SEA@CLE $3,500 - I thought about pig-piling (I believe the technical term is stacking) against Brandon Maurer and I still may, but for now we'll settle for one Indian.

OF Justin Upton LOS@ATL $4,600 - This is more a win the whole thing as opposed to a win a 50/50 or double up contest but Vegas is calling and you need to take a chance on some players capable of going off. Hyun-Jin Ryu has been impressive and has done a decent job of keeping the ball in the yard, but Upton is match-up proof and my choice to have a night.

OF Carlos Beltran MIL@STL $3,600 - I expected more from Wily Peralta so maybe if I bet against him here, when he throws a gem he'll help my regular fantasy squads.

OF Nick Markakis TAM@BAL $3,100 - Many times when you're down to one spot, there are no options that profile in a positive manner. Other times you're handed the perfect choice.

If you'd like to join me in the quest for a trip to Las Vegas with a crack at 200K, click the FanDuel logo and I'll see you on the scoreboard.



0 #1 Todd Zola 2013-05-17 23:43
With Rutledge out I took out he and Ruiz and inserted Neil Walker and Matt Wieters.

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