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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

This week's featured promotion is a qualifier for the Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship (DFBC) Finals. Only $10 to enter and you can win a trip To Las Vegas and  one of 45 seats in the DFBC Finals. The grand prize is $200K with over $1M in total awarded.

Click on the FanDuel logo below to reserve your team. You have until 7 PM ET Friday night to make changes.

In previous discussions, I have alluded to a means to in essence hedge your bet when it comes to entering one of these standard contests with a high prize going to the top finishers. FanDuel offers a variety of contests, two of which greatly increase your odds of winning. There's a double up where almost half the participants double their money as well as a 50/50 where half the entries win slightly less than double the entry. If you have the confidence you can place in the top half of entrants, you can hedge your entry into the big money contest. If you fail to cash in the big money event, at least you get your entry back in the double up or 50/50.

I've been doing this since the very beginning and have failed to cash in my "hedge" league only once in seven tries. And since I have cashed in a few of the big money leagues, I have built up a bit of a bankroll. Here's the thing. You don't have to play in the big money games. Instead, stay disciplined and play the double ups and 50/50's, perhaps multiple times in the same night. You won't hit the big score some of us are looking for with the leagues that pay several hundred dollars to the winners, but you'll almost certainly net a tidy little profit each week. I've been following the exploits of some folks doing just this and it has been very successful for them. Think of it this way. It's sort of like playing roulette but with a means to slightly increase the odds so you know if the ball will land in black or white. I'm playing two games of roulette. First I'm betting on a single number then I'm betting black or white.

If you focus solely on the high-odds, low return on investments games, here are a couple of tips to help insure success:

  • NAIL the pitcher (I hope Alyssa Milano isn't reading this so she doesn't misinterpret), even if it means building a weaker offense. All you want to do is finish with a total that is fundamentally above average. With the way FanDuel scores points, a winning pitcher that goes deep into a game and fans some guys along the way is GOLD. Choosing wisely can get you halfway to cashing so all you need is one or two of your hitters to have a good day and...$cha-ching$! Don't worry about bang for the buck. Choose the ace at home against weaker competition regardless of salary. This may hinder your chance to rack up a high score, but you don't care.
  • Make sure you have a complete lineup by watching weather reports and not taking chances on players you aren't positive will be playing that night. You'd be shocked how many have dead spots in their lineup, increasing your odds of placing in the top half.
  • Along those lines, if you aren't going to be around an hour or so before the games begin, don't play that night unless you are 100 percent sure everyone you choose will be active. You have until the first game begins to make changes.
  • Similarly, you don't HAVE to play every day. If there isn't a pitching matchup you favor, sit this one out. No worries, they'll be other days.
  • Here's my lineup for this evening's contest. Good luck to all those entering. Maybe I'll see you in Vegas!

    P Max Scherzer CLE@DET $8,700 - I originally had the less expensive Alex Cobb at home versus San Diego, but I found a bunch of cheap hitters so I upgraded to the more dominant Scherzer.

    C Miguel Montero PHI@ARI $2,500 - In my column yesterday, I alluded to the fact that studies show perceived hot and cold streaks are not predictive. It doesn't get much colder than Montero.

    1B Prince Fielder CLE@DET $5,000 - I'll take my chances with Prince versus the raw but talented Corey Kluber.

    2B Dustin Ackley OAK@SEA $2,600 - We're at the point of the season where some slow starters have salaries reflective of their struggles. This is a great way to find bargains (and on the flip-side, avoid overpaying for lesser players are to good starts). I'm hoping Ackley hits near the top tonight, but regardless, I like his chances against Dan Straily.

    3B Mike Moustakas NYY@KAN $2,800 - Like Ackley, Moustakas is better than he has displayed thus far but is carrying a low salary. Both are lefties at home facing righties so this is a perfect place to exploit the low salaries. Moustakas is facing Phil Hughes who has been known to surrender a dinger or two.

    SS Alexei Ramirez LAA@CWS $2,600 - This is the one match-up I'm not sure about as scheduled starter Tommy Hanson is on bereavement leave. However, I can't imagine I'll change it irrespective of who starts especially if Ramirez continues to bat second.

    OF Alex Gordon NYY@KAN $3,900 - My favorite play of the night.

    OF Jacoby Ellsbury TOR@BOS $3,600 - Toronto is summoning the 39-year old Ramon Ortiz from the bullpen to replace Brandon Morrow this evening. Heck, I may have to enter another lineup with the maximum allowed four Red Sox just for kicks.

    OF Andy Dirks CLE@DET $3,200 - With the right-handed Kluber on the mound, the lefty swinging Dirks should get his hacks.

    That's it gang, my ticket to Vegas!

    Click the logo below if you want to go instead.



    +1 #1 Todd Zola 2013-05-11 03:10
    Well I'm not going to Vegas (yet) but the master plan is working again as I will place in 3 double ups ($10, $10 and $25 entry to win $90) which covers the $85 in entries. I'd be up $15 except I somehow entered the DFBC an extra time.

    FWIW, I put a second squad in with Cobb as the pitcher and 4 Red Sox hitters.

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