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Monday 16th Oct 2017

My bud and partner Monsieur Zola sent me a note this afternoon that he felt bad for former Rangers shortstop Khalil Greene, dropped today by the Rangers, after the Cards dumped him after the Padres traded him.

Z really liked how Greene could pick it.

For me, Greene was not my kind of offensive player with his .302 career OBP, but he was fun to watch, and for a while he looked like the next coming. EG, in 2007 he went .254-27-97 (ugh, with a .291 OBP).

Then only ten taters and across the board drop-off in '08, and the swap to St. Louis, where he only played in 77 games last year and lost his job to Brendan Ryan.

The Rangers signed Greene as a utility infielder, and that would be a good gig for him, spelling young Elvis Andrus and brittle Ian Kinsler.

But, he could not report. As I understand it, nerves or depression have put Greene off his game.

Such a fine line between success and failure in this life, and so hard to reconcile. I hope Greene can get it together. I had hope. And like Z, I liked watching him play, too.

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