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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

For the record, my intent is to have these posted by noon but I’m still working on one more week’s worth of Platinum updates as this coming weekend is the traditional drafting weekend and with Easter last weekend, even more leagues are going to be drafted.

Colorado Rockies at Milwaukee Brewers

  • In what will be a common theme, ignore the hits and homeruns allowed by Marco Estrada – what’s more relevant is if he continues to fan eight with no walks in five innings, he’ll be fine.
  • My brilliant plan of putting Alex Gonzalez at middle infield in NL Tout Wars and the NL NFBC league is not looking so brilliant.
  • No one said Cargo and Tulo couldn’t hit – all we said was they couldn’t stay healthy.
  • Gotta love those one batter with a four run lead saves – Rafael Betancourt owners owe Rex Brothers a beer
  • Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays

  • Interesting top of the order for the O’s. I like the Nick Markakis part but maybe not the Manny Machado part. If Brian Roberts continues to look solid, he’ll jump up soon enough.
  • Chris Davis may prove me wrong, but I just don’t like guys that strike out that much.
  • In a few weeks when you’re looking for a middle reliever and pass over Jake McGee because his ERA sucks, remember this outing, McGee is good, he just didn’t have it this time.
  • St. Louis Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Mitchell Boggs may be the closer now but if Jason Motte is out for an extended time, Trevor Rosenthal could usurp the role – he looked filthy.
  • Arizona looks like they want to get everyone into a game early. Right now Gerardo Parra is the guy to own in the outfield for the at bats.
  • So long as Jamie Garcia is healthy, he’ll have better days but four walks and four whiffs in five innings will elevate a pitch count fast.
  • Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians

  • Funny how when a player has a good game the pundits say “it’s only one game” but the same pundits that are expecting R.A. Dickey to struggle are patting themselves on the back. It’s only one game. You may be right about Dickey, but still, it’s only one game.
  • Look at the bright side Vinnie Pestano owners – he did give you a clean inning with a punch out.
  • Justin Masterson got the win and only allowed one run in six stanzas, but four walks is worrisome since that was his problem as season.
  • San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched well, walking no one while fanning five in 6.1 innings. Hits happen. Hmm, that would make a cool t-shirt.
  • Bumgarner pitched even better
  • Texas Rangers at Houston Astros

  • I refuse to go hack and say it was the Astros. I’m sure Matt Harrison appreciates it.
  • But Yu didn’t think I’d go the whole time without making a Yu joke, did Yu?
  • My jokes are hack, my baseball analysis isn’t.
  • It looks like a platoon in center for Texas.
  • Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics

  • If Kyle Seager stays in the two-hole, that could be very nice for his steals and runs and only cost a few RBI. Chances are it won’t last as Franklin Gutierrez had the night off, at least at the beginning.
  • Look for Oakland’s Nate Freiman to pick up some at bats at first against lefties.
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