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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

The conundrum of leagues with custom scoring.

My oldest league held its draft yesterday. I joined it in 1992. That was 21 years ago, hard to believe it. I am not going to wax sentimental about it, but rather I will delve into its custom scoring. In this league, runs and RBIs are valuable, hence HRs are important. On the other hand, batting average is not used, unlike a standard Roto 5X5 where BA is one of the five hitting categories.

Lack of BA is one of the peculiarities of this league that I especially like. I find its scoring system close to the experience of watching a real ballgame. Let’s face it, if one of my players has a hit, I am not going to jump up excited and yell “Yeah, my team’s BA just went up a thousandth of a decimal point.”

I will find my team’s BA when I get home and go online to check the scores. That’s all I can do about it. BA is a sterile number devoid of any emotions. Some leagues are considering moving away from it and using OBP instead. In my opinion, that’s the same difference.

This long rant on batting average was only meant to make my point that custom leagues could be good and fun to play in. However, as you may very well know, they present a problem.

With all the projections and rankings based on Roto 5X5 scoring available out there on the internet, it becomes a challenge to clear my mind before draft day. Clearly, players have a value that depends on custom scoring. In my league, the likes of Adam Dunn go up in value, while players like Jacoby Ellsbury fall down.

Unable to rely on existing cheat sheets, CVRC becomes an essential tool. CVRC can be found under the Platinum offering. After setting the category weights on the league setup page based on the league rules, the rankings produced by CVRC told me that this year's draft strategy should be based on the concept of scarcity. Unexpectedly, the rankings informed me that the 3B position is shallow. I must confess that I was surprised how different the 2013 CVRC produced rankings for my custom league looked from the standard Roto-based rankings beyond the top echelon of players.

The same may happen to you if you play in a custom league. Hence, remember to use CVRC. Step 1 should be to understand your league rules. Hey, that should always be the first thing to do. Step 2 is to apply them to CVRC. Step 3 is devising a draft strategy after CVRC has produced your custom rankings.

Too late? You already drafted? There is always next year.

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