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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

As noted Saturday morning, hours before the Tout Wars draft began, we published my list of players I was hoping to place on my roster along with how much I hoped to spend as part of my Tout Wish List piece.

The draft was indeed good fun, especially with Joe Sheehan alluding all his nominations to Houston in one way or another. Still, I think I fielded a pretty solid team all around. And, though I make it a point never to target any one player--for that is the kiss of death--I try neither to let a bargain go, nor to let a player I want slip by if he is in the price range I think is right.

So, here is this year's team and thoughts:

  • John Jaso (C, $6): I like Oakland's #1 catcher and think he will fare just fine on a pretty good offensive lineup. Good on-base numbers help seal the deal for me and I got Jaso for exactly the $6 I projected.
  • George Kottaras (C, $1): For a buck it is hard to lose, and part of this pick is rooted in the fact that I feel Kottaras has a Kelly Shoppach year hiding in there somewhere. As a backup in KC, I doubt he will hurt me much. If he hits three taters, I think he earns my money back
  • Mitch Moreland (1B, $13): Got him late in the draft, but still happy enough. Moreland projects to be the #1 first sacker on a team that is good at scoring runs. And, since I held back on the serious first base candidates, I am happy enough to settle here. .265-18-60 will be great.
  • Howie Kendrick (2B, $18): I targeted Kendrick at $17 so this is good. I know he has a big year in him and that he is on a good team. Just deliver, Howie!
  • Kevin Youkilis ($13): I wanted Youk, and he went for $4 more than I had hoped. On the other hand, I had the money, and I think he has a strong .280-17-70 season in his stick. I figure he does have something to prove.
  • Erick Aybar (SS, $20): Another guy I like, and wanted, figuring he would cost $19. .295-10-65 and 15 steals will do it for me. I did come in a buck under my own speculation.
  • Jed Lowrie (MI, $7): Betting Lowrie gets the bulk of time at starting shortstop, and that he will give me .270-15-70 numbers. Like some of my other guys, he does need to stay healthy, but otherwise I see him playing every day.
  • Scott Sizemore (CI, $2): Again, coming back from injury, and I think he makes the everyday roster as a second sacker. He does have pop and a better resume than Jemile Weeks or Hirohiko Nakajima.
  • Mike Morse (OF, $17): I got Morse for just what I hoped. Now, if he can stay healthy, he should deliver .290-25-85 totals or so. Big if, but I am counting on him.
  • Chris Young (OF, $11): I think Young will get plenty of chances, and with his tools will give me at least 15/15 numbers in homers and swipes. I also think he will generate 400-plus at-bats.
  • Drew Stubbs (OF, $12): A new venue, and I think a return to the speed and power Stubbs showed early in his Cincy days. .250-12-52 with 20 swipes will do it.
  • Colby Rasmus (OF, $13): Again, some power and speed and even a bit of an underachiever. .260-20-70 with 15 swipes is what I want.
  • Josh Willingham (OF, $23): More than I expected to spend, but Willingham can hit 30 homers. And, he will play every day. .265-25-90 is what I would like.
  • Craig Gentry (UT, $1): Last offensive spot went to the the utility one on Texas. If Gentry does half what he did last year, I get my money back,
  • Justin Verlander (P, $31): Pegged at $32, Verlander is simply the best starter in the Majors right now. And, he is mine.
  • Jake Peavy (P, $14): Coming off a comeback year, banking on Peavy to keep it going, earn some whiffs, and help stabilize the numbers. 10 wins, 3.65 ERA, and a 1.24 WHIP over 200 innings with 175 whiffs is good.
  • Alex Cobb (P, $13): Hoped to pay half the amount for Cobb, but again, I had the money and he is on a good team. Apparently, he is no longer a secret, either.
  • Mark Buehrle (P, $6): Steady and unassuming. I got him for what I projected.
  • Chris Tillman (P, $5): End of draft bargain, I hope Tillman can build on 2012.
  • David Phelps (P, $4): Liked him last year in and out of the rotation: love him this year in it!
  • Chris Perez (CL, $14): Closer #1, he has a job no mateer where he goes.
  • Casey Janssen (CL, $9): Injuries make Janssen sort of a question mark, but at this price worth the gamble.
  • Aaron Crow (RP, $4): Last player and I had $3 left over. Always liked Crow, who could emerge in the rotation or as the closer, depending. In this spot, he certainly won't hurt me.



0 #5 Lawr Michaels 2013-03-26 00:40
thx perry. weeks sent down after, but i did not see him, nor rosales/sogard being every day guys. never have before. i think sizemore, once he gets back in the groove, is a solid second base contributor.
0 #4 Perry Van Hook 2013-03-26 00:16
Donaldson is at third base
Sizemore battling for time at second base
0 #3 Michael July 2013-03-25 19:09
Was Weeks sent down before/after your draft? Like your picks but wonder about having too many with questions on remaining healthy. I'm liking Kelvin Herrera as the next in line as the KC closer. I too have my sight set on Cobb but concerned the cat is out of the bag on him. Thought Sizemore was projected to start at 3B? Prefer him at SS so that I can draft Donaldson in the end game. Do you think Aybar has more than 15 SBs in his legs? Was thinking more along the line of 20.
0 #2 Lawr Michaels 2013-03-25 14:32
i "hope" not too light on power. all my outfielders could hit double digit dingers, as can moreland. and, i think lowrie and sizemore too and that they will play daily. a lot of guys who can hit 12-15 (most of my team) so my thought is if i can finish 4-5 in homers i will be ok.
0 #1 nathan ouellette 2013-03-25 13:44
Looks like you really had a good feel for what guys would go for this year. You really nailed your targets and their costs. Seems like you had more success in that particular area than last year, if memory serves.

A nice, balanced squad. A little light on power though, no?

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