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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

It was quite a week for the Washington Nationals, as they had transactions dealing with a few arms. It makes me wonder just how the team will deal with Stephen Strasburg.

First, the team inked the gloriously ex-Yankee, Chien Ming-Wang, just three years removed from his #2 finish in the Cy Young voting. I always wondered how Wang could escape a season allowing 233 hits over 218 innings, and survive with a sub-4.00 ERA (Wang was 3.63 that year), and he actually won 19 games two years in a row for the pinstripes. And, he rocked when he got hurt in 2008 (8-2, 4.02) and was awful since. Hard to believe that Wang has fallen that far. I guess it is a good gamble for the Nats, though.

The very same day, Jordan Zimmermann, one of the Nationals future hopefuls was declared out for 2010 as he had Tommy John surgery.

Then, they signed Ron Villone, a kind of left-handed relief version of Jamey Wright, of whom I wrote so lovingly last week. Leave it to say Villone's career mark is 61-65, 4.73, over 14 seasons and 717 innings. Career wise he has had 31 total save opportunities, and has blown 23 of them. Ouch. At 41, why would you want him?

Finally, Eric Gagne signed a new deal with the Dodgers. Wow. Like to see him and Jonathan Broxton working at getting into condition, huh? Maybe they could be roommates, even?

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