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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017


A cautionary tale – If you look at Chad Billingsley’s line from yesterday’s game against the Chicago Cubs you might be quick to write him off as a potential starting pitcher candidate. But look closer at Billingsley’s outing

1st Inning – 2 runs, four hits (the first four batters he faced) no walks

2nd Inning – 0 runs, one hit, no walks, one strikeout (and the infield single should have been an out)

Then let’s remember that Billingsley who was injured last year – a partially torn ligament that ended his 2012 season and threatened this season for the veteran Dodger hurler who was consistently worth $13 in his previous four seasons. I am not saying run out and spend a mid-round pick or serious dollars on Billingsley. But I have seen drafts where he wasn’t taken in 30 rounds much less 23 so IF and this is key there are no bad reports on his arm this spring he is worth a look in the later rounds of your draft – look at the run support he should have this year in Dodger Stadium.

There were some nice hitting performances in the game:

  • Nate Schierholtz, OF, CHC – who should be the starting RF for the Cubs had a home run and a single (a fantastic cheap play if you can bench him vs LHP)
  • Welington Castillo, C, CHC – under the radar so far in drafts this year but he IS the starter for the Cubs and has power also had a HR and a single
  • Nick Punto, MI, LAD who had a two run single and stole a base
  • Dee Gordon, SS, LAD who without a hit was very impressive in his 14 pitch at bat in the first inning which allowed the Dodgers to run Carlos Villanueva’s pitch count so high he was lifted in the first inning. Gordon who is likely to start at Triple-A until the Dodgers need him ultimately took a called strike in that at bat but walked in his next two times up.
  • There was also a memorable if unnoticed moment late in the game as two former Cubans now both terrific minor league prospects were in the same game for the very first time in major league uniforms. Jorge Soler the future Cubs OF and Yasiel Puig (pronounced pweeg) the future Dodgers OF both entered the game in the fifth inning. Soler was 0-2 and Puig 1-2 but remember those names because in a few years you will see them in MLB and fantasy lineups. (Unfortunately due to the once in a lifetime success of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper last year many prospects are being overvalued and overhyped this year and the success that Yoenis Cespedes had for the Athletics last year further adds to the expectations. Remember that Soler and Puig are in their early twenties – there will be plenty of time for them to be fine major league players, but it won’t be this year).


    0 #1 Matthew Anderson 2013-02-26 21:56
    Love the writeups, Perry. Nice work and well written, descriptive tidbits.

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