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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

First four rounds were boring. The organizers could have used a computer to draft and fed to it the Average Draft Position of the mock drafts run this year. The teams would have been the same. I picked in this order, Ryan Howard [ I have the 11th pick and all other top 1Bs were gone], Evan Longoria [due to scarcity at 3B this year], Jason Bay [I am not superstitious and this guy made one of my local teams last year] and CC Sabathia [ sooner than I had planned but Roy Halladay was taken right before me and I was facing 20 picks before my next turn].

The fun started during the fifth round. At last people started picking according to their own preferences. My 5th and 6th pick were still strictly per Mastersball’s provided projections: Ben Zobrist at second and Shane Victorino due to his production of runs, which I tend to overlook. I abandoned the rankings at the 7th round and went with Matt Wieters [it feels good to have a top catcher] and Alexei Ramirez at SS, due to scarcity again.

Others picked all over the ADP page. Many top pitchers are still available as well as many outfielders. For example, Cliff Lee is still out there, which tells me about the expert’s opinion of the Mariners. Of the hitters high on the ADP list who were not picked yet is Michael Bourn and his stolen basis. Jay Bruce and Howie Kendrick are two examples of the late picks according to the projections who were already selected and are gone.  Only two or three RPs are gone. Our expectation that one can be patient with picking pitchers in 2010 has been confirmed.

I will post the updates as the draft progresses. You will hear from me again when the season starts and throughout the season. So far, I love my team. But then who does not after only 8 picks?

Check it out at the KFFL site.

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