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Tuesday 24th Oct 2017

How cool it must be for the parents of Jim and John Harbaugh these next couple of weeks, as they sort of pull an Archie Manning in reverse.

That is instead of a couple of sons matching up as Quarterbacks, the Harbaughs get to watch their sons mastermind their respective teams--Jim and the Niners, and John and the Ravens--into the biggest game of the year.

I really thought it was going to be the Patriots and the Niners simply because I thought they were the two strongest teams, but as we all know, it is often not so much a matter of the best team as opposed to being the hottest team.

And, at this point, the Ravens are pretty hot, largely fueled by the return of Ray Lewis it seems. Plus, the ability of Joe Flacco to hit his receivers.

I am a little afraid to write too much about the game in two weeks, aside from anticipating commercials pretty much the only time of the year I have any interest.

That is because there is so much hype as it is, and it just gets to be too much. And, as part of this, I have to figure the Harbaugh brother connection will be studied to death.

Still, it is pretty cool.

I know it is tough for my mate Todd, whose Pats looked like the real deal. And, well, it takes away the chance for us to make some kind of insignificant San Francisco/New England bet.

But, the Falcons losing meant I could no longer root for Matt Ryan:  my favorite player, and a Boston College alum along with the esteemed Lord Zola.

As I wrote last week, I do like the Ravens, as Ryan usurped Ed Reed as my favorite player, and well I know my friend Steve Chattler will be happy that Flacco and company made the big game.

Of course though I was pushing for Russell Wilson and company, and now I have to push for the Niners, for if nothing else our little City by the Bay owning the MLB and NFL champs in the same year is pretty cool. Especially since everyone knows we all like hiking and the ballet as much as football and baseball.

I do have to think back to Thanksgiving of 2011, when the Ravens and Niners last squared up. We were acknowledging the holiday at the Tahoe house, tracking the game on the net (we have internet, but no TV up there), my sister-in-law Jill biting her lower lip as the Ravens shut down the San Francisco offense.

Of course, that was an Alex Smith team, and now San Francisco has a Colin Kaepernick team, and this is a completely different animal. If you doubt that, then you were not watching last week when Kaepernicks legs and Michael Crabtree sank the Packers, and Sunday it was Kaepernick's arm and Vernon Davis who shot a hole in the 17-point lead Atlanta had built over the Niners.

My prediction? 32-17 San Francisco. But ultimately, I want a good game. Just like the Harbaughs parents must be saying.


0 #1 Perry Van Hook 2013-01-22 16:48
I am sure Jack and Mrs Harbaugh will be in NOLA and likely shown on TV several times .... I just hope he isn't crying like his "boys" will be down on the field

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