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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Well, back I am from the near dead. And, I do want to thank you all for good thoughts and wishes while I was pretty ill over the last month. And, well, I will wax a little poetic on that next Saturday in the Bed Goes Up space.

But, when I wrote my last column it was just prior to the Patriots/Niners game way back before Christmas, which seems like a million years ago. And, though post-surgery, I do have a faint memory of watching chunks of the game but for the most part the last month has been a blur.

I was home, and doing pretty well last Sunday, however, on Wild Card Weekend: a weekend that is generally my favorite NFL time of the season not just because we get Saturday and Sunday games, but because the Wild Card games are usually full of surprises.

I guess "usually" is the key word because aside from the Washington/Seattle game, the rest of the match-ups were a yawn festival.

However disappointing last weekend was made even this past Saturday and Sunday as all four games were pretty much knockouts.

I think my friend Steve Chattler and I called one another four times during the Ravens/Broncos game. Steve, whose daughter Hillary went to Delaware, is a Joe Flacco fan (and well, I am an Ed Reed guy) and we usually speak before kickoff every Sunday. So, though neither of us thought the Ravens would outlast the Broncos, things like the Torrey Smith catches and especially after the Jacoby Jones score with 30 seconds left that tied the game, pushing it to overtime, and delaying my watching the Niners till the Ravens managed to walk away with a win.

As for the Niners, I have been a Colin Kaepernick fan since his first start, and felt beyond vindicated with his great game against the Packers, who in reality I thought would catch the recently erratic Niners with their jerseys down. So much for that, but it was another really fun shoot out.

It was on Sunday morning, though, that I was really looking forward to, for I am a huge Matt Ryan fan. In fact my mate Lord Zola bought me a Ryan Boston College jersey for a 60th birthday present. However, I totally dig Russell Wilson, whom I picked on my Utter Genius Fantasy team back in August and the Seattle rookie led my team--along with Marshawn Lynch--to a title in the league.

So, despite the local Niner connection, I was really rooting for the great young Seahawks to go all the way just because, well, they coalesced into such a solid and surprising team as the season progressed.

So, I was beyond ambivalent and unclear who I wanted to win between the Falcons and Seahawks. But, either way, it was another terrific game.

As for the Pats, I never really thought Houston would beat them, in fact I am pretty sure Tom Brady and company are the cream of the AFC crop, but again, it was a pretty good Sunday afternoon contest for me to convalesce to.

Meaning all four games this weekend were pretty much knockouts. Better, they set up some pretty good Championship games for next weekend between the Niners and Falcons, and the Patriots and Ravens.

I am guessing the phone between Steve Chattler's house an mine will be active.

I am hoping for a Niners/Patriots rematch and Super Bowl.

But, in the end, it is all gravy: I am just happy to be here.


0 #1 John Verdello 2013-01-14 16:55
Know the feeling, Lawr. Glad to hear the recovery is progressing.


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