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Theory and Strategy - Platinum
Written by Todd Zola   
Sunday, 30 December 2012 23:26
Q: What is START?

A: START is an Excel-based program that tracks standings and rosters. It is pre-loaded with our most recent projections. All you need to do is type in the names of the teams, the team number that drafted the player and the position. START does the rest. You'll see the rosters populate so you know who needs what. You see real-time standings as well as category totals.

Q; Can I change the projections or add players?

A: Yes. If you disagree with a projection or someone selects a player we do not project, the cells are not protected so you can input your own data. And if you send me the name of the non-projected player, I'll add him to the next update.

Q: How many teams and what categories can be used?

A: The present version can accommodate up to 20 teams. Unfortunately, it is designed for only the standard 5x5 categories. Future releases will offer customization. That said, if you contact me, I may be able to tweak START for use in non-conventional leagues.

Q: How easy is it to find the players? Can I use it during a fast draft?

A: You can always use the CTRL F (Command F on Macs) and type in the players name to find the player, but one of the neat features is you can use the sort function. You can sort by name to order the players alphabetically. You can also sort by any of the stats. If you sort first by team number and then by category (name, AB, HR, ERA, etc.) the drafted players will be grouped together so you can use it to help see who is available. If you want steals, you can sort by steals to see the top base stealers available. Since all you need to do is type the number of the team and the position, it can be used for a fast draft with minimal difficulty.

Q: What if I am tracking a slow draft, do I have to re-enter the teams and positions when there is an updated version available?

A: Data from the old version to the new one takes less than 5 minutes to transfer using the vlookup function. If you are not Excel-savvy, a tutorial will soon be posted in the START section that details a step-by-step means of transferring the data. Worst case scenario is you e-mail me the old version and I send you back the updated one.

Q: Does START work with all versions of Excel? Is it Mac-compatible?

A; There is some coding used that is incompatible with older versions of Excel. I am in the process of coding an alternate version that can be used with older Excel software, though it may not have all the features. START is Mac-compatible and vlookup can be used to transfer the data.

Q: Other than tracking a draft, is there anything else you can do with START?

A: if you are a fan of drafting towards category targets, START is invaluable. You can see how different combination of players help you attain your goals and how that impacts your place in the standings.

If you have a question about START (or any of the Platinum content) please do not hesitate to e-mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


# diamonddaver 2013-03-14 09:04
Hi Todd,
I just started to use the start excel. For some reason not all the keeper players i am implementing are showing on the team rosters.
Also,nothing is being updated on the standings.
Can you please help?

# diamonddaver 2013-03-14 10:33
Well I figured out why the rosters were not update ding, that is done.

But the standings are not being updated?
Also whip and era are not being updated in the category totals.
Everything is blank in the standings totals...

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