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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

For the benefit of you Strat-O-Matic Junkies, especially those who used to follow my Tumbling Dice column, the MWStrat League began out 2010 draft last Wednesday, starting with the American League side of the house making their picks (since I let go of my El Cerrito Mountaineers, I have only an NL team, and will report that progress next week when that draft is underway).

In this league--which features 30 teams and owners, utilizes the current major league parks and relative divisions and schedules, and rosters where we can freeze up to 29 players. That means that within our league there are four American League West teams, just as in the Show.

In the league picking the primo prospect is good, but sometimes picking the best player that suits the needs of the team is the best move. For we have strict usage rules in the MWStrat League (I like to describe it that "even Paul Bako is a valuable commodity in the MWStrat League").

So, briefly, and for the archivists, I want to list the Top 20 picks in the league.

  1. Matt Wieters
  2. Elvis Andruss
  3. Gordon Beckham
  4. Matt LaPorta
  5. David Price
  6. Brett Anderson
  7. Rick Porcello
  8. Neftali Feliz
  9. Trevor Cahill
  10. Brian Matusz
  11. Chris Tillman
  12. Jeff Niemann
  13. Wade Davis
  14. Alex Avila
  15. Nolan Reimold
  16. Andrew Bailey
  17. Julio Borbon
  18. Michael Brantley
  19. Ricky Romero
  20. Brad Bergesen

Note that all these players have their first card in Strat-O-Matic appearing this season, and that players can be retained by the selecting MWStrat club forever (meaning the team that drafted Wieters gets to keep him in perpetuity, or until released or swapped).

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