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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Last Tuesday Lord Zola noted that our teams are duking it out in the Utter Genius League semi-finals this coming Sunday.

Todd, a Patriots fan, pointed out that in Utter Genius I have Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, and Colin Kaepernick, while Z has Tom Brady and the Patriots defense. Oh yeah, and I live in Forty-Niners territory.

So, I began making plans for Sunday and watching, hopefully with my friend Jeremy Steinkoler.

Unfortunaely, about a month ago I started to experience cramping in my belly, and as a life-long Crohns diesease survivor, it was familiar. We did a bunch of tests, and lo-and-behold, I have to have a little chunk of gut that is obstructing removed.

I had X-rays on Wednesday, and by Thursday the surgeon had coaxed Diane and me into his office to review the path forward.

It was obvious the obstruction was coming out, and it was obvious it had to be soon, and that this was going to be major surgery. And, I did want to get on with it.

However, when Dr. Dixon asked, "How about Saturday?" I first said "sure," but then sort of mumbled out loud, "but that means I will likely be out-of-it for the Niners and the Patriots."

He chuckled and said it could wait a week, but the truth is I cannot (everyday cramping is not for me) so I said Saturday was fine.

Hopefully, I will be conscious enough to catch a little of the game. I know I will have a nice morphine drip. I just hope they have some hyperalumentation that puts out a nachos and guacamole flavor.

As for the game--the one with Z in the Utter Genius--who knows? But, well, I am writing this Friday night.

My mate Lord Z can finish the ex-post-game report Monday. And, by the way if I beat Z, it will be because of Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson.

*     *     *     *     *

Hey all, Todd here.

First and foremost, I have some great news to report and that is Lawr is recovering nicely from his procedure. In his words, "Leave a note that I came through in flying colors."

Lawr may not write for a short spell, but we have a rule here at Mastersball: you don't lose your job due to injury, so trust me when I say no one will be Wally Pipping him out of his spot.

Now for the news, I'm sure you are waiting for. Unless Kenny Britt catches about 20 balls with 10 touchdowns tonight, Lawr's squad completely waxed my guys this weekend. I mean roasted them. The Zen Master turned soothsayer as Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch indeed rocked, but he left out how well Colin Kaepernick and Arian Foster would do. He was even able to survive his Bears defense having a rough showing against the Packers. So Lawr moves on in Utter Genius. And more importantly, gets to make the first round pick for our team in the FSTA draft from Las Vegas next month.

All is not lost for me, however, as the second half comeback by Tom Brady may have left the Patriots a little short, but it was just enough to propel me past Rob and into the finals of the Keiser Football Conference. I know, no one cares about your team but you.

But we do care about Lawr, so I can honestly say I have never cared less about losing. Get well soon, bud.


0 #2 Ryan Carey 2012-12-17 20:01
Good to hear that Lawr is doing well. Rest up and get well soon.
0 #1 John Verdello 2012-12-17 16:14
Excellent news about Lawr, Todd ... but you blew a golden opportunity .... instead of being Wally Pipp'ed, given Lawr's loyalties and Colin Kaepernick, Lawr should have been Alex Smith'ed insteade.


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