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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

A lot of time my friends outside the baseball universe suggest that the off-season must be a great time for me.

They think with no games to watch or score, that October till March means I can read and watch old movies and play as much music as I want.

Truth is in some ways things are quieter this time of year. On the other hand, this weekend I am looking at completing three articles for the magazine my bud Peter Kreutzer (Rotoman) produces, while I have one more for the USA Today Fantasy mag and Steve Gardner due.

Of course there is all the off-season prep we do for our own Platinum Product (sorry for the shameless plug) and the regular columns, not that I am complaining at all.

It is just that in some ways things are way busier this time of year than during the regular season.

Well, one of the other features that crops up this time of year are the various magazine and web site mock drafts that pepper the industry and last Wednesday we held the mock that I coordinate for The Fantasy Sports Guide the periodical that Rotoman does indeed produce.

I picked in the sixth slot, a place that more or less makes me ambivalent for it is neither high enough nor low enough to really impact any team but my own.

So, this year, I tried as hard as I could to draft in a vacuum: that is I added players to my draft list after each pick, but basically did not follow the picks of my league mates save the occasional selection that disappeared from my queue at an untimely moment. Which surprisingly did not happen that often.

In fact this was the first draft I can remember where I had players ready to draft between 5-6 picks before my turn and they did not get snatched. Which means I either had really great sleepers lined up for the most part, or I truly have the team no one wanted.

It was a 15-team, 23-player standard draft. So, without further ado, and sorry, for the comments you have to wait for the publication of the magazine early next year, here is who I selected:

Andrew McCutchen (OF)
Jose Bautista (3B)
Brandon Phillips (2B)
Matt Wieters (C)
CC Sabathia (SP)
Matt Moore (SP)
Ike Davis (1B)
Erick Aybar (SS)
Andre Ethier (OF)
Matt Harrison (SP)
Sergio Romo (RP)
Matt Harvey (SP)
Carlos Quentin (OF)
Drew Stubbs (OF)
Jeremy Hellickson (SP)
Chris Heisey (OF)
Avisail Garcia (UT)
Kevin Youkilis (CI)
Jacob Turner (SP)
Steve Lombardozzi (MI)
Ernesto Frieri (RP)
Mark Buehrle (RP)
George Kottaras (C)


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